Tuesday, December 18th -- 'Cosmic Cousins' Live Podcast Recording w/ Sagittarius Panel

With Jeff Hinshaw

7:00pm - 9:00pm

‘Cosmic Cousins’ is a weekly astrology podcast hosted by Jeff Hinshaw. Each episode is dedicated to embodied health, self-discovery, and deeper learning, all through the lens of soul-centered astrology.

On this very special evening, the first ever live audience will gather with Jeff for the season 5 Premiere. This episode will start by honoring Sagittarius through a guided meditation for embodied health, followed by a lesson on ‘Understanding Soul-centered Sagittarius.’ Then, enjoy the first ever Sagittarius panel, with three Sagittarius healers, artists, and mystics in our healing community:

1. Maha Rose's very own Debbie Attias, founder of 'Fun Heals Everything.’ Debbie offers such a beautiful expression of the heart-centered free-spirit teacher energy of Sagittarius.

2. Kundalini teacher and acupuncturist Amanbir. Amanbir travels the world teaching and also has made an album inspired from his travels (Sagittarius is connected to world travel).

3. And Anthony Lopez, an actor with a disability whose performance work is tied to his occult and esoteric practices. In our conversation, we will talk all things Sagittarius, with time for questions from the audience. And finally, our time will round out, by crowning the ‘Queen of Sagittarius.’ The ‘Queen of the Zodiac’ is a series that listeners of ‘Cosmic Cousins’ have been working on together, in which legendary women are honored for their gifts to the world through the lens of their astrological sign.

**After the recording of this episode, there will be a raffle included with your ticket, in which a tarot deck, healing session, and 100%

*Plant-based skin product will be given away!*

Exchange: $40 


Jeffrey Hinshaw is a writer, teacher, and philosopher of metaphysics and esoteric practices. His experience is deeply rooted in ritual immersion, embodied health, somatic studies, and personal myth making. He is the founder and facilitator of the Brooklyn Fools Tarot Journey and is the host of the weekly astrology podcast Cosmic Cousins. Jeff works in both one-on-one and group settings with students around the world. With an interest in working with artists, healers, and creatives, Jeff offers support for those with a message of healing and empowerment, helping to bring their unique vision into the world. He has experience working with directors, writers, actors, musicians, and dancers, and specializes with character development and storytelling. His personal studies include Psychology of the Chakra System and Chakra Therapy with teacher and mentor Anodea Judith, author of 'Eastern Body, Western Mind.' He has completed over 500-hours of yoga teacher training and has studied yoga under teachers Leigh Evans, Julianna Tackas, and Kristin Cooper. In addition, he holds a BFA in Creative Writing; and a BA in Psychology from the University of North Carolina Wilmington. With an extended interest in queer theory and women's studies, Jeff hopes to upgrade the vocabulary of esoteric practices to reflect an all-inclusive accessible lens.