Tuesday, August 8th -- Conscious Nourishment


with Annie Robinson 

In this hectic culture, many of us operate in survival mode. We cannot inhabit our bodies and our lives fully, and our relationship with food often becomes driven by rules and fear. When disconnected from our inherent body-wisdom in this way, we respond by using or abusing food and our bodies. 

In this workshop, we will examine patterns and belief about food, hunger and our bodies; explore the many varieties of hunger: physical, sensorial, emotional, relational, intellectual, spiritual; and develop intentions and plans to incorporate mindful eating practices into our lives for greater inner harmony. Essentially we will work to restore our relationship with self, body, and food.

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Annie Robinson received a Master's degree in Narrative Medicine from Columbia University, and serves as a Wellness Coach and Doula. She blends meditation, mindfulness, movement, and narrative practice to inspire deep reflection and empower people to lead conscious lives. Learn more about Annie here: www.annierobinsonwellness.com.