Tuesday, August 29th -- Acupuncture Healing & Sound Bath

Tuesday, August 29th -- Acupuncture Healing & Sound Bath


with Debbie Attias (Sound) & Maha Rose Founder, Lisa Levine (Acupuncture)

The needles are the antennae and the sound vibrations are the ocean. Like mini lightening rods plugged into the nervous system, soothing music will wash and awaken the mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies.

The joy and magic of Debbie Attias' sound bath combined with the medicine of Lisa Levine's acupuncture will leave you feeling delightfully refreshed and rejuvenated.

Come for this deluxe healing treatment designed to deliver deep healing and inspiration.

Exchange | $75  

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Debbie Attias is an intuitive healing artist that lives by the mantra Fun Heals Everything. Debbie received her BFA from Tisch School of the Arts, and for many years traveled the world as a performance artist with her band, Avenue D. Currently, she teaches happiness through her unique DANCORCISM class at the Park Church Co-op in Brooklyn. She also throws retreats offering meditation, yoga, dancing, and spiritual guidance. She has studied Reiki, Breathwork, Akashic records & Tarot. Debbie has recently completed a 9-month Sound and Music Healing program at the Open Center.  


Lisa Levine MS LAc is a licensed acupuncturist, Reiki master, a natural healer and an artist as well as the founder of Maha Rose. The tools she uses are needles and moxa, touch, shiatsu, Reiki, guided visualization, the breath, laughter, and on very full moons- a song. She wants you to remember who you really are; letting go of everything that isn't serving you and connecting with your more radiant Self. She received her Reiki Masters in 2008 with Padma Gonzalez and has been teaching since 2009. It is one of her very favorite things to share the teachings of Reiki with ready individuals.