Embodied Breathwork Circle: You Are Your Medicine

Embodied Breathwork Circle: You Are Your Medicine

Tuesday, August 27th

with Thérèse Cator


Exchange: $40

S I G N  U P  O N L I N E

You are not alone.

How many times have we heard these words or uttered them to someone?

And yet, how often do we choose to suffer alone as we face grief, anxiety, fear, shame, doubt, confusion and overwhelm?

Instead of reaching out, we reach for coping devices to numb our emotions, which inevitably leads to reliving old stories and looping in unhealthy patterns.

How do we break the cycle?

By anchoring to the truth of who we are.
The truth is you are whole and…
There’s nothing within you that you can’t face.
There’s no emotion that’s too big or too scary.
There’s no shadow that’s too dark.

Embodied Breathwork is an invitation to unearth the deep wisdom and deep medicine of your body and breath.
Embodied Breathwork is an invitation to reclaim your joy, courage, power and sovereignty.
Ultimately, Embodied Breathwork is a call to love yourself fiercely and unconditionally.

You are your medicine.
And simultaneously...
We are our medicine.
So we heal in community.

Guided by Thérèse Cator, this circle is designed after the healing, coaching, ritual and ceremonial work Thérèse leads at her retreats and in her courses.

Join us for an inspiring healing evening set to a lush intuitive playlist.

This is a diverse and welcoming space open to all womxn.
Come as you are and let's dive deep.

Please dress comfortably and bring a journal and pen(cil).

Thérèse Cator is a Life-long Artist, Leadership Coach, Intuitive Healer and Soul Guide. She leads healing experiences both virtually and in real life for womxn who desire to reclaim and embody their innate worth and lead with audacity, grace and devotion. She the creator of Circle of Reclamation a healing year-long course for womxn leaders and she’s the founder of Black Girls Breathe. She's also the host of the Visionary Womxn Podcast premiering this fall. Her work blends coaching, healing, and art with an intersectional trauma sensitive lens to create a transformational healing space. She combines her decade long experience in integrative and executive coaching, and weaves in healing modalities such as breathwork, embodiment and creativity practices, as well as intuitive and energy work. Thérèse comes from a lineage of medicine people, mystics, artists and activists and she honored to share the earth-based ancestral wisdom that she's been practicing since childhood. She’s a graduate of NYU and Rutgers University. She’s back “home” on the east coast after a decade long spiritual quest. Join her diverse global community at www.theresecator.com.