<Tuesday, August 25th, 2020> ONLINE -  Permission to Feel Breathwork

ONLINE - Permission to Feel Breathwork

with Sarah MacMillan of Be Generation Love
Tuesday, August 25th

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We live in a culture that teaches us to go outside of ourselves to look for answers and happiness. We are told who to be, what to believe in, and what to do. But the truth is, when we start to look within and connect to our bodies, the voice in our hearts starts to whisper our inner truth. 

Breathwork healing cleanses your emotional body preparing you to enter a space of deep listening. The experience moves stuck energy and facilitate the release of strong emotions like sadness, anger and grief. You will leave feeling lighter, softer, and renewed, having cleared the cobwebs. You may even experience a feeling of being "high" on energy, light, and love.

Sarah MacMillan is a heart connector expert, which means she helps individuals slow down and listen to their inner wisdom. She is especially skilled at leading groups of people of all genders on a journey of self-exploration through Breath and Sound.

Sarah has studied and collaborated with experts in the area of personal development, meditation and spirituality and has completed advanced coursework in Breathwork, meditation, rituals, yoga, sound healing & sound therapy. She draws from this deep well of resources to guide people back to their hearts in order to self-heal and live happier lives. She provides both individual and group sessions, corporate events, as well as personalized rituals and retreats.

Sarah has presented and taught around the world including at Burning Man, The Sacred Space Miami, Modern Om, Soho House, Maha Rose NYC, 1 Hotels, and at WeAllGrow Latina, and regularly facilitates breathwork & sound experiences within corporations, including Fox, Shopify, Sony Pictures Television, The W Hotels, Garnier and more. She has also been featured on a weekly basis on Deepak Chopra’s FB page as part of his free 21-Day Meditation Experience, sharing how these tools have changed her life and those she serves, helping keep the community connected during the meditation experience.

Sarah lives in Miami Florida and is the founder of Be Generation Love, a spirituality online platform that offers courses, healings, & memberships for people to work on themselves from the comfort of their own homes, inspiring them to live a more loving, balanced, conscious, and purpose-driven life. She is the host of the Be Generation Love Podcast, which is bilingual, and where she inspires you to open your heart, think differently, and live a Modern Spiritual lifestyle. She is also one of the women behind The Pauze, an experience for next-level team building for corporations by inviting employees to self reflect, connect to themselves, and prioritize self-love practices.

For the past few years, Sarah has been passionate about sharing earth-loving lifestyle practices and only promotes eco-friendly and cruelty-free brands, products, and hotels.