Tuesday, August 20th --  Cosmic Goals: September

Tuesday, August 20th -- Cosmic Goals: September

with Vanessa Hardy 


When we work with the cosmos to manifest our goals on the earthly plane, there are more factors than just the New and Full Moons. There are long and short term transits, eclipses and retrogrades that can influence what we intend to create. In this workshop, we will look at the overall planetary vibe of September, collectively and individually, to zero in on what is coming up and walk away with an action plan to use all the energies to our advantage.

+Please send your birth info, date, place and time prior to class.

Exchange: $50 

S I G N   U P   O N L I N E

Vanessa Hardy is a reiki master, astrologer, and creative professional living in NYC. She has studied with Lisa Levine, Geordie Numata, Anne Ortelee, Sandy Sitron and at Integral Yoga Institute.

Vanessa has walked a dual path in media and wellness for nearly 15 years, weaving the deep healing potential of creativity, connection and self expression into everything she does. She believes that through personal connection with source, strategic planning, and flexibility, transformation is possible.