Tuesday, April 30th -- Breathwork for Female Sexual Empowerment

Tuesday, April 30th -- Breathwork for Female Sexual Empowerment

with Marisa Sullivan 


Breathwork is an active Breath meditation that moves energy in the body. We get out of our heads and release energy sometimes in the form of catharsis of emotion sometimes in abstract energy. The healing process unfolds from within if we allow it. One of the magical pieces of Breathwork is it reaches back and forth in time healing unfinished processes from the past that are affecting us today.

Breathwork for Female Sexual is a space for Female Identified Beings to come together in a safe space to explore the second chakra and let the Breath clear energy around sexuality, creativity, fertility, orgasm, sexual health and sexual trauma. Marisa teaches a four week Female Sexual Empowerment Series, during which one week is a breathwork practice. Many of the female participants have noted that doing breathwork in an all female environment can be freeing and allow room for work that may not arise in a cross gendered environment. As we Breath in a group and in the context of the second chakra we explore and heal the individual and communal issues as they arise.

Because orgasm is a catharsis and if we block one form of release we may block other forms. In exploring the release of catharsis in the second chakra we also connect to and open up to expanding our orgasmic power, to feeling it as a force of energy and to watch its relationship to other forms of catharsis, other forms of emotion.

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S I G N  U P  O N L I N E

Marisa Sullivan is a radical visionary and pioneer in the field of holistic women’s health, fusing age old women’s wisdom with modern method. She is a yoga therapist of 30 years experience and training, a Tantrika, a medium, a sexual educator and anatomist, Reiki master, and an ordained minister. She is also the proud mother of a daughter in her young teens. Marisa earned a masters degree in theater for Educational and Therapeutic Use from Hunter College. In addition, she holds certifications in Yoga that span all the phases of human development and wellness, including Pre-Natal, Post-Natal, and Yoga for Chronic Health. The yoga odyssey that began as a quest to relieve back pain and depression, surprised her with sexual awakening. She explored tantric and ancient yogic sexual practices, Sanskrit literature, iconography, and sacred sites. Marisa’s personal recovery of female genitalia as holy and sex as a sacred act was crucial to healing her trauma. She reclaimed Divine Bliss and the Feminine principle of Shakti, the Yoni as a space to be honored and her juice as magic medicine. Her background in circus and laughter yoga and comedy, and her natural sense of fun and play, balance the darkness with light. Marisa believes healing can come from working with both the forces of light and dark. Marisa also collaborates in the sectors of mental health and corporate wellness, bringing yoga, laughter, play, and sensuality to integrated treatment plans and seminars.