Trust Yourself: Intuitive Development through Awareness

6 Saturdays 10am-2pm

May 9th, May 16th, May 23rd, May 30th, June 13th, June 20th

with Betsy Cohen

Build your Psychic Self ­Esteem

Our group setting gives you the opportunity to receive immediate confirmation and feedback from others. This is the most essential part of intuitive growth and development.

Discover and Learn

  • How your soul connects to yourself and the world
  • How to discern the 3 major voices in the body
  • How to use color to manifest your desires
  • How to identify and overcome restrictive blocks
  • How to deal with feelings of fear and guilt and what they really mean

Acquire Tools

  • Spiritual technologies to gain insight into yourself and others
  • Meditations for increasing abundance, self­-love, and psychic self­-esteem
  • Techniques to Clear and Protect your Energy
  • Exercises to uncover who you truly are and what you truly want


  • Registration is open. Classes start May 9th at Maha Rose Center for Healing.


Week 1: Awareness

  • Discussion
  • Intuition is Natural
  • The Knowledge­ Power­ Fear Dynamic
  • On the Cusp of Having Fun: The Opposite of Being Present
  • All About Empaths
  • Psychic Safety
  • True Self vs False Self
  • Activities
  • Calling Out the Monkey Mind
  • How to Clear & Protect Your Energy
  • Meditation to Connect to Your Higher Self
  • Breathwork with guest teacher Erin Telford

Week 2: Meditation

  • Discussion
  • Benefits of Meditation
  • Meditation Basics
  • Meditation Tools & Tips
  • Synchronicities as Signs: The Deeper Meaning
  • The Basics of Psychic/Intuitive Impressions
  • Extrasensory Perception: The 6 “Clairs"
  • Symbolism & Interpretation using the Clairs
  • Chakras & Colors as they Relate to Intuition
  • Activities
  • The Breath: Basic Sitting Meditation
  • Meditation to Increase Intuitive Awareness
  • Psychometry Exercise
  • Red Red Red: “I’m seeing the color red.”
  • Learn Your Colors

Week 3: Wellness

  • Discussion
  • Guilt, Resentment & Forgiveness
  • The Paradoxical Commandments
  • In Light of Our Struggles: Pivoting Perceptions
  • A New Look at Soul Mates
  • Activities
  • Forgiveness Meditation
  • Getting Past Guilt
  • Whose House Are You In?
  • Pivoting Perceptions

Week 4: Compassion

  • Discussion
  • REPS: Reactions of Empathy, Pity & Sympathy
  • Compassion in the Context of a Spiritual Practice
  • Practicing Compassion
  • Spirit Guides, Angels, Elementals, Ascended Masters & Spirits
  • Activities
  • Self Compassion
  • Meditation to Meet Your Spirit Guide
  • When I Look at You I See...
  • The Heart, Mind & Gut

Week 5: Tenacity

  • Discussion
  • Ego vs. Intuition
  • Constructing a Psychic Message
  • Boundaries: How to Deliver Messages with Timing & Integrity
  • Activities
  • Stop, Drop & Roll Coin Toss
  • Your Body Will Tell You
  • Write a Story
  • Heart Ball Meditation

Week 6: Integration

  • Discussion
  • Resistance to Change
  • The Power of Positive Prayer
  • Activities
  • Taking Inventory: Past, Present & Future
  • Resistance Reversal
  • Turning “Whys?” into “Wows!”
  • Grounding Your Energy
  • Praying the “Right Way”
  • Meditation for Clearing & Integration

Tuition for 6-week course: Early Bird special: $600 until 11:59pm April 29th | $700 thereafter

Hear what students who have experienced "Trust Yourself" are saying!:

Psychic Medium and Intuitive Coach Betsy Cohen holds a BA in psychology and has more than a decade of experience in social work. Known as the “How-to Psychic”, Betsy is solution-orientated and delivers honest and uplifting messages with the assistance of Spirit and loved ones who have passed. During a reading Betsy identifies the root cause of an issue and channels practical instructions on how to overcome these issues, thereby leading clients down a positive path by providing a shift in perspective in alignment with their Higher Self.