<Thursdays, July 9th, 16th, 23rd, and 30th> ONLINE – Couples Immersion in Connection

ONLINE – Couples Immersion in Connection

Thursdays, July 9th, 16th, 23rd, and 30th

EXCHANGE: $240 per couple


Let’s make July Hot!! In a good way. Let’s sweeten the Lemonade. Juice up all the summer fruits.

What if we had a month of Tantric Date Nites?

What if we took the month and got together once a week, every Thursday night and studied Love, Connection, Cuddling, Romance, and Learned our Sexual Anatomy and tools for better Sex?

What if this is really happening now and you and your Sweetie said Yes! To Pleasure as Medicine. To Making your Love Sacred, to giving Play and Pleasure some Deep Deep attention.

Let’s do this. It’s been a hard few months for all of us. Let’s get it on. Let’s make some magic. Spread it around.

Four Thursday nights of Intimacy Exercises. Playful ways to connect. Breath deep, into the pelvic bowl, for Real and, yes, you will be amazed. And, yes, learn the sexual anatomy. It helps.

For all couples, all genders, all configurations.

Note: If for any reason anyone or any couple wants to opt out of any particular teaching lessons, or any exercises--the class will be fluid and adapting--you can turn the sound and camera off until you are called back in the chat when that lesson is over.  if for any reason you want to opt out of either the Vulva/Vagina/kit and kadoodle or the penis testicles kit and kadoodle anatomy session--you will be given a heads up on the start and end of those session.


Marisa Sullivan is a Modern Day Mystic. She is a Soccer Mom Tantrika. A Pleasure Witch. She teaches Women and Couples Sexual Empowerment- Sacred Sexuality -how to maximize the magic and medicine of sexual juiciness, how to be authentic in our sexual expression, inhabiting our yes and no and understanding the power of pleasure. She shares her awe and respect of the wisdom of our anatomy, especially the female genital and pelvic floor anatomy and their entwinement . She helps women balance their menstrual cycles, harness their fertility, birth, mother, partner, build communities, vision and create their lives. She is a mind/body/life journey healer using yoga, Breath, meditation, Reiki, ritual, Yoni steaming, joy, laughter, Breathwork, creative play and sexual education. She sees clients privately in Brooklyn, Manhattan and Virtually. She teaches workshops and retreats worldwide. In addition to her private practice she teaches yoga and meditation to cancer patients at NYU Hospital, to dementia patients in nursing homes, and mentally ill formerly homeless in group homes, bringing joy, Pleasure and embodiment to populations of who live with mental and physical pain. Certifications include Jivamukti, Sivananda, Pelvic Floor Yoga, prenatal, Mommy and Baby Yoga, yoga for children, Reiki Masters, and a Masters in Theater for Educational and Therapeutic Use. She believes Love is a super power we can all harness to effect change in our lives and world.