Thursday, October 26th -- Jupiter in Scorpio : Let's Talk About Sexual Healing

Thursday, October 26th -- Jupiter in Scorpio : Let's Talk About Sexual Healing


with Renee Sills

On October 10th, 2017 Jupiter will begin its year-long transit of the sign Scorpio. Astrologically, Jupiter represents the guru and brings the opportunity to expand one’s mind and consciousness. Wherever this planet travels, and whatever it touches, receives lessons in abundance. Scorpio as an energy deals with deep feelings, long-standing emotional patterns, and the entanglements that we create through intimacy. Scorpio is where we learn about our possessiveness, intensity and attachments. It’s also where we learn to let go, face fear, transform ourselves and emanate from true embodied empowerment. In our bodies Scorpio rules the genitals and eliminative organs as well as our sexual instincts and desires.

Our bodies and their instincts are constantly being manipulated for marketing purposes and control tactics. Many of us have suffered extremely for, and in, our sexual desires and identities. Still more of us carry heavy burdens of shame and fear in our bodies that have simply been inherited from religious and cultural norms which seek to divorce our humanness from our “goodness.” Patriarchy and oppression function in large part by controlling our desires and repressing our empowerment.

In the first hour of this workshop you’ll learn about the astrological energy that Jupiter in Scorpio will enhance in the next 12 months. You’ll receive handouts with dates and timing of significant transits and suggestions for using these aspects for healing and growth. During the second half of the workshop we’ll practice simple and effective somatic tools for embodying our most conscious sexual selves. This is not about “being sexy,” but rather about accessing our sexual power and awakening the kundalini, or vital force that originates in the pelvic basin and genitals.

As we navigate this terrain we’ll bring awareness to the ways we can foster deep personal healing as well as support healing for others. Intentional and conscious sexual empowerment goes beyond “sex,” in fact, this kind of work has more to do with how we each carry ourselves as powerful individuals in the world. This is about our vital energy and life force, our ability to assert and advocate for our needs and desires, and our sense of safety and belonging in a world that is largely fearful and asleep to this energy in general. The space we hold together for this workshop is a safe space that honors all orientations and identities. All the work we do will be focus on the internal and personal
experience. Any opportunities for sharing or discussion are optional. I encourage participants to contact me beforehand if I should be aware of any personal biography or trauma that needs special special attention or increased sensitivity.

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Renee Sills is a multidisciplinary artist, author, astrologer and trauma-informed movement educator. As an educator, Renee’s unique facilitation style blends embodiment practices (somatics, yoga, dance,) environmental and relational mindfulness, esoteric philosophical study, and creative expression. Renee currently teaches yoga and movement, anatomy, astrology, and
contemporary art practices nationally and internationally. She is the author of Embodied Astrology and is a full-time artist based in Portland OR. Learn more about her and her work at any of the following websites: