Thursday, October 12th -- Love Dojo : The Art of Conscious Love


with Anthony & Emily 

Why do "spiritual" people often end up alone?

Yes, yoga, meditation, therapy, and green juice are all great ways to support a healthy life. But the truth is they are not a replacement for the transformative power of an intimate relationship.

Learn how to start having the healthy, healing, transformative relationship of your dreams today (yes, even if you're single).

Welcome to The Love Dojo-- a practice space for singles and couples alike to learn the art of conscious love. In this three hour introductory workshop, you will join in connection exercises, redefine what it means to be in a relationship, watch your presenters "fight" live, and practice holding space for another person. You can expect some hugging, plenty of laughing, and likely some crying.

You'll leave with insight and clarity on what happened in past relationships, new tools to use in any kind of relationship you're currently in, and a community committed to your love story. You’ll leave feeling courageous and believing in the promise, power, and possibility of true love.

You will discover:

- How conflict can actually improve your partnership

- What your attachment style is and how it shows up in your relationships

-How to “hold space” for another person

- Why you might want to “get naked” before having sex

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Hi! We are Anthony and Emily, a couple who met on Tinder in 2016. Anthony is an entrepreneur, love coach, creator of The Love Game™ and a former pick-up artist turned true love believer. Emily is a private yoga teacher, Thai Yoga therapist, and a lifetime yoga student committed to applying the yogic teachings to the spiritual journey of romantic love. Together, we’ve accomplished the unthinkable-- an intimate relationship full of honesty and free of criticism or blame. We are committed to teaching others to do the same and inspiring a culture of true love in Brooklyn through workshops and individual coaching. Our work is informed and ignited by the work of our many mentors including Annie Lalla, Stan Groff, and Gay & Katie Hendricks, to whom we are very grateful.