Thursday, November 8th -- Understanding the Law Of Attraction

Thursday, November 8th -- Understanding the Law Of Attraction

With Hillis Pugh

7pm - 9pm

We will discover how the Law of Attraction and gratitude marry together. There is a synergy between the two we will explore together in cultivating the vibration to manifest your desires.

As an attendee, you will focus on understanding and setting of intentions and expectations, while working through the allowing and recognizing of abundance in all forms.

This will be accomplished through group exercises and your questions that arise throughout the evening. Concluding in of group reiki session to focus on releasing individual blocks. Please come fully prepared with a clear mind, open heart, and a willingness to receive.

As an attendee, you can expect a fresh and insightful view on gratitude opening up to a new path of appreciation from a personal, yet, objective perspective.

By attending you qualify for the chance to win a free intuitive reading with me.

Exchange: $40



Hillis Pugh is the author of Awaken With Gratitude a blog and book of channeled inspirational stories and original poetry. The blog and book engage questions and provides answers on how we can open our minds to experience the gift of gratitude in every waking moment of our lives. The author believes that gratitude allows the flow of love and abundance into our lives when recognized. The clairvoyance of his writing allows him to flow freely from within, thus coining a sanctuary to channel messages of love, light, and appreciation with readers along the journey. His personal and shared experiences continue to aid others to seek light and accept the joy in which they were born into. In the last ten years, Hillis read and studied other spiritual thought leaders such as Michelle Count, Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith, Neale Donald Walsh, Gregg Braden, Esther Hicks, and other like minds, Hillis’ views on life expanded and slowly incorporated them in his writings. By understanding the underline message in all of the teachings Hillis was drawn too, there was one thing constant, you can create your own life. A marketing consultant, graphic designer, and operations manager by trade, philanthropist by nature, Hillis Pugh has become recognized as a poetic voice of self-reflection, spirituality, thankfulness, sensuality, mindfulness, and transformation. By honoring his ability as a change-agent who demonstrates giving gratitude to life-in-action is what inspires him to write. Through a variety of philosophical expressions and profound emotions, Hillis has learned how to be transparent with his work in order to share freely with the world. By practicing gratitude in his own life, he has become an unforgettable example for others to shadow.