Thursday, November 1st -- Ragers: Anger Has A Lot to Teach Us

With Nkechi Deanna Njaka

7:30PM - 9:30PM

Befriend your rage | Be a friend to your rage.

RAGERS is a practice for expressing anger safely through the form of a party. Participants will experience a creative and supportive environment to find, feel, own, and express rage in one of three rage sessions.

In each rage session, we will explore: Where does anger live in the body? What is anger trying to say? How might anger empower TRUTH? Anger is powerful and progressive— inviting us to radical presence. The practice of mindfully expressing anger deeply unmasks emotions and oppressive dynamics.

RAGERS offers participants a way to identify the anger source, physically move through it and to leave with tools for life. This workshop provides participants with an opportunity to take some of our tactics at home. This event is apart of the REIMAGINE Festivals which explores themes of death, loss, and grieving.

Exchange: $40


Nkechi Deanna Njaka, MSc.  is a neuroscientist, multi-disciplinary artist and integrated lifestylist combining her backgrounds in neuroscience, dance, nutrition and fashion to create a mindful and creative space for individual consulting, coaching and content creation. She is a self-identified multi-ethnic woman of color, deeply concerned about personal and global well-being, progressive and radical wellness for the critical and creative thinking.  She attended Scripps College in Claremont, CA where she majored in neuroscience and dance and went on to complete an MSc. in Neuroscience at the University of Edinburgh. She is the founder of NDN lifestyle studio and the co-founder of Sitting Matters. Nkechi currently a recipient of the Yerba Buena Center of the Arts Artist Fellowship and sits as an artist-in-residence with Scripps College as part of the Lois Langland Alumnae in Resident Program. She is also a meditation teacher and guides public and private classes. Nkechi has spent the majority of her life investigating the relationship between the brain and the body and has always felt the significance of their integration. For several years, Nkechi worked as a neuroscientist as well as a professional modern dancer + choreographer.  She discovered that mindfulness and creativity are C R U C I A L for sustaining individual and global wellbeing. She believes that mindfulness + movement are our access to authentic creativity and full self-expression. As we gain creative identity, we lose the false sense of the self that we were sustaining. Her creative investigations draw from a long-term interdisciplinary and collaborative practice merging visual art, science, experimental music, technology, and personal and conceptual relationships.  She is interested in the intersection of science and art and finds that her practice is a vehicle for a radical presence and progressive wellness.