Thursday, November 15th -- Rainbow Breathwork Healing


Meredith Sloane

7:30pm - 9:30pm

Rainbow healer Meredith Sloane will take you through a full rainbow healing. She channels the vibration of color to clear and balances each chakra as we make our way song by song up the rainbow ladder.

The healing includes a powerful combination of breath work and energy channeling leaving you feeling cleared and restored.

Exchange: $40


Meredith Sloane, a rainbow energy healer has helped to transform people’s lives for over a decade. She has worked on 1,000’s of individuals as well as leads group healings at festivals such as Lightning in a Bottle, Desert Daze, Burning Man, Genius Loci and others. Channeling the energy of the rainbow, she uses the vibration of color to move energy through each of the chakras. Her work clears energy blocks and activates the bodies natural healing sources to restore physical and emotional health. She also assists you in identifying and healing deeply rooted causes of physical and emotional stress and illness thus allowing you to release lifelong patterns that no longer serve you. She has helped heal both physical and emotional trauma including cancer, brain tumors, cysts, emotional blocks, financial blocks, relationship blocks, and so much more. The goal of her work is to help you create more love, joy, and happiness in your life. Your life will transform like magic before your very eyes.