<Thursday, November 14th> Expanding Pleasure through Touch, Consent, and Limits

Expanding Pleasure through Touch, Consent, and Limits

with Marisa Sullivan
Thursday, November 14th


Touch, it is so important. We know premature babies who are touched grow faster and stronger than babies who are not touched. We live in a city where we are smooshed up against each other constantly without consent and communication and basic human acknowledgement.

Do you ever wonder what the effect of that is on our nervous system? In this workshop, we will explore the neurobiology of touch and how it can regulate the nervous system, even touching an object or our own hands can deepen our breathing, regulate the nervous system, and boost the immune system. We will awaken our hands and through the hands the whole skin of the body to increase our receptivity to pleasure through the simplest of touch. We will explore the work of Betty Martin, the model of the four quadrants of touch, and the three-minute game, practicing inhabiting all aspects of giving and receiving, allowing and taking. Most of all we will learn to listen to and respect our individual limits and learn to make a practice of inner listening and learn to stop enduring, but rather step into brave communication about the touch we are wanting to receive.

Together we will we explore nurturing touch, reassuring touch, therapeutic touch and sensual touch. All exercises will be clothed and you will never be asked to touch or be touched in any way that is not in alignment with yourself. You will not have to work with anyone you do not want to work with. There will be options to work with yourself or with a teaching assistant. This practice is for lovers who want to learn to touch better and expand pleasure and communication, it is for parents who want to help guide their children by living an example of consent and communication around touch. It's a healing practice for all of us in a human body, especially for New Yorkers who live in a harsh consensual touch deprived world that is hurting our nervous systems. This practice is for healers who want to clarify their touch with clients and help clients to define their own limits and consent.

At the end of this workshop, you will have a few tools to practice with yourself and others to build a deeper relationship to touch, giving and receiving, and have a sense of a way to listen and communicate limits. You will most likely feel centred, grounded internally and externally, connected and more relaxed and regulated in your nervous system.


Marisa Sullivan is a Modern Day Mystic. She is a Soccer Mom Tantrika. A Pleasure Witch. She teaches Women and Couples Sexual Empowerment- Sacred Sexuality -how to maximize the magic and medicine of sexual juiciness, how to be authentic in our sexual expression, inhabiting our yes and no and understanding the power of pleasure. She shares her awe and respect of the wisdom of our anatomy, especially the female genital and pelvic floor anatomy and their entwinement . She helps women balance their menstrual cycles, harness their fertility, birth, mother, partner, build communities, vision and create their lives. She is a mind/body/life journey healer using yoga, Breath, meditation, Reiki, ritual, Yoni steaming, joy, laughter, Breathwork, creative play and sexual education. She sees clients privately in Brooklyn, Manhattan and Virtually. She teaches workshops and retreats worldwide. In addition to her private practice she teaches yoga and meditation to cancer patients at NYU Hospital, to dementia patients in nursing homes, and mentally ill formerly homeless in group homes, bringing joy, Pleasure and embodiment to populations of who live with mental and physical pain. Certifications include Jivamukti, Sivananda, Pelvic Floor Yoga, prenatal, Mommy and Baby Yoga, yoga for children, Reiki Masters, and a Masters in Theater for Educational and Therapeutic Use. She believes Love is a super power we can all harness to effect change in our lives and world.