Thursday, May 31st -- Unleashing Your Creative Flow


with Lynae Marie 

Goddess & Chocolate Pairing... 

You are invited on a deeply immersive experience in sense pleasure and raw chocolate, through the imbibement of sacred cacao, body prayer and the unleashing of creative flow, paired with the heart-centered musings of Saraswati. We will balance and nurture the senses, as we come into communion with our heart/mind and fuel the fire of our inner altar.

When we are able to connect with our inner altar, the place of warrior spirit and steady gaze, we begin to break free from self-imposed blockages to our liberating current, as our soul gifts are able to breathe into manifestation. To access this free flow of creation, we first must burn through the blockages and distorted imagery of our ‘truth’, surrendering the story and creating sacred space for our own empowerment. We do this through a gentle release of our 2nd Chakra woundings, combined with a lifting and opening of the Heart Choc-Ra.

We will be tapping into the energy of the muse… the poet… and the creative spark within us all. Saraswati literally translates as, ‘the flowing one’, making for the perfect goddess and chocolate pairing.

So come… move your body in ritual undulation… become the poet of your heart and soul, as we synergize with the Saraswati frequency, through sacred sound and personal altar creation… Unwind, as we take a sultry journey into the heart/mind, sweetening our palate with the most sacred of third eye candy.

Sound Ritual Experience for our Cacao Ceremony will be created by Special Guest Saraswati Devotee, Jessica Caplan 

Exchange: $60 

S I G N  U P  O N L I NE 

Lynae Marie is a Yoga Guide, Usui/Shamanic Reiki Practitioner and Ritual Artisan. Her soul path calling is as a space holder for self-transformation, primarily working with women and a particularly strong love and devotion to new mamas. Her life has been a fierce journey of death/rebirth cycles, living many lives within the one. Her journey began with a calling to the Peruvian jungle, where she began her Shamanic training in her early 20’s, and has led to nearly a decade of work with sacred cacao, plant spirit medicine, women’s moon circles, and ritual design. Her passion and interest in ancient wisdom and illuminated truths, led her to pursue training as a yoga witch, at the Living Mandala School of Yoga and Reiki. Her offerings are based in elemental wisdom, the cycles of the natural world, tantrik philosophy and the alchemy of movement, creativity and ritual.