Thursday, May 11th -- Healing The Archetypal Feminine Within Us

with Julia Graves & Jacquelin (Jinpa) Guiteau


Many of us, male or female, feel that our feminine qualities suffer in the world - our sensitivity, intuition, and receptivity. The energy of divine feminine has been suppressed throughout the Piscean age. As we embark on our journey in the Aquarian age to rebuild our outer and inner world, we need to heal the feminine energy of creativity, intuition, and open-heartedness in order to grow into wholeness physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

The Lily Circle is a vision of lily flower essences as a medicine wheel, the wheel of life, for ongoing spiral of personal transformation. These essenes were designed to heal, protect, and strengthen the archetypal feminine, our heart and soul throughout all stages of our life. They enhance intuition, spiritual aspirations and female consciousness. They are also important in addressing fertility and relationship issues for men and women alike. They can help us overcome the challenges of our lives.

In this experiential workshop, we will sample and experience flower essences from the Lily Circle with specific healing effects on our emotions and intuition. Lilies are deeply transformative for the heart and mind. They are helpful to strengthen the feminine qualities of receptivity and intuition in men, women and children alike. They heal the blows we receive from the rough edges of life and help to expand our consciousness to encompass the seemingly inconsolable polarities, unifying them in love and understanding. Lilies enhance our spirituality, intuition and dream consciousness – our ability to integrate polarities into a larger whole, where incompatibilities melt away yielding to a vision of oneness.

Practical usage of the essences from the Lily Circle in our daily lives for healing will be discussed. Everyone will get a chance to experience the effects for themselves. 

$40 pre-register | $45 day-of

Julia Graves is a flower essence practitioner, creator and master herbalist. She was raised in Germany by an herbalist mother and orthopedic surgeon father. Julia studied herbalism, traditional European medicine, anthroposophic massage as well as cupping as a teenager. She wrote her doctoral thesis on her ethno-medical field research on traditional midwives and healers in a remote area of Zimbabwe. While working as a flower essence counselor for the past 25 years, she focused on working with children, women, and families, as well as using flower essences in energy body work.  Julia teaches internationally at herbal conferences and host herbal apprentice summer courses at her farm in France. In 2010, she founded the Naturopathic Earth Quake Survivor Relief Clinic in response to the devastating earthquake to Haiti, and has headed the clinic in its missions that has since offered free treatment.

Jacquelin (Jinpa) Guiteau has been a spiritual teacher and herbalist for 20 years. Jinpa soaked up herbalism in his native Haiti where biomedical care is unaffordable for the masses and the veil to the spiritual world thin. He has studied Western and Eastern mysticism extensively since the age of 14, and spent three years in India studying in a Buddhist monastery. He founded the Naturopathic Earthquake Survivor Relief Clinic in Haiti with Julia Graves after the devastating earthquake, based on the model of their naturopathic clinics for the refugee Tibetan monks in India. Jinpa has treated 10600 people as the Haiti clinic's head herbalist to date. His training includes furthermore body oriented and creative media based psychotherapy, Reiki, yoga, Gnosticism, Rosicrucianism, Freemasonry, Theosophy, the Kabbalah, as well as Mahayana and Hinayana Buddhism. He spent four years in solitary retreat to integrate what he had studied. Jinpa  is a much beloved meditation master and spiritual teacher who synthesises Eastern and Western mysticism, and practises healing with his secret ingredient: Love.