Thursday, May 10th & Friday, May 11th -- Amrita Yoga with Bri Shobana

Thursday, May 10th & Friday, May 11th -- Amrita Yoga with Bri Shobana

Two full days with Bri Shobana, visiting us from Amma's Ashram in India 

Thursday May 10th

10am-12pm Inner & Outer Core

1-3pm Breathe & Balance

3:30-5:30pm Chest Openers and Inversions

Friday May 11th

10am-12pm : Inner & Outer Core 

1pm-3pm: Breathe & Balance 

Exchange: $20 (sign up in person, cash only) 

Please bring your own yoga mat as mats are limited.

Amrita Yoga was born from the divine resolve and unconditional compassion of renowned spiritual leader, humanitarian, Maha Yogini, Satguru Sri Maha Amritanandamayi Devi (Amma). A traditional school of Hatha Yoga upholding vedic principles. Amrita Yoga incorporates Amma's teachings and integrates the four different paths of yoga, cultivating physical, mental and spiritual upliftment. Focusing on awareness with heart-centered intention, the goal is to transcend the physical asana practice to deepen your own self awareness and the inter-connectedness of all life.

Brahmacharini Shobana PHD, is an award-winning yoga practitioner and teacher who has dedicated her life to the persuit of authentic yoga as a monastic in Amma's ashram. Under Amma's direct guidance, as director of Amrita Yoga since 2004 she has taught more that 2000 workshops, classes and retreats to people from all over the world. Specializing in bridging the gap between ancient traditional Eastern practice and the practical needs of yoga in the West, BRi Shobana is one of only twelve members of the Indian government's Committee for Yoga Education, which forms the curriculum courses in Indian universities.