Thursday, March 26th -- Emotional Release


with Ambujam Lakshmi

Come to a safe space to express emotion and reconnect to the space beyond emotion.

Many people allow anger, worry and sadness to build up in their bodies over many years; this can cause illness in the body and mind.

The cathartic process of emotional release creates profound transformation as it helps to heal old wounds and remove the accumulated negativity in our bodies and minds. In this workshop, we will open express all emotions to help them release. From joyous laughter to tears of sadness. From shouts of frustration and anger and back to laughter.

Laughter is the expression of a happy heart. Laughing also helps us be happy in order to stay healthy and free ourselves from stress. In this workshop, we start by laughing voluntarily and the source of joy wells up from within. Everything becomes a cause for laughter, even your “favorite” problems. Instead of laughing at something, you experience the laughter for no reason of the child expressing their pleasure at play.

Crying not only allows us to release our sadness but also helps to make more room within to intensify our capacity for joy. Crying also nurtures our vulnerability and this is the space in which the heart can grow. Whether we cry from sadness, from gratitude or from joy, tears are the language of the overflowing heart, a form of prayer. Then after full expression, we come back to a deeper laughter and expression of joy with dancing and singing.  Finally we settle into a meditation, letting our happy hearts resting in the freedom of bliss  within, which is our true nature.

Based in South India, Ambujam Laksmi has been an intuitive bodyworker and healer (Reiki Master) since 1992. Also a Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher, who studied Expressive Arts Therapy at Naropa University, Ambujam brings together over 20 years experience of body/mind healing and rich spirituality to each class she offers. Ambujam travels worldwide offering healing services and workshops and will be in NYC until May 10th.