Thursday, July 3rd -- 3 Rules of the Dreamworld

Join dreamworker Kezia Kamenetz as we explore three 'rules' of understanding your dreams and how they also can be applied to your waking life! Over years of studying dreams, Kezia has boiled down some preliminary guidelines to understanding our nightly missives from the underworld:
1. Everything is for you
2. You are supported and
3. There are no rules.
Through discussion and creative expression exercises, we'll explore together how these rules can help you to understand the meaning of your dreams and begin your dream journey. We'll dive into how dreams can illuminate your shadow and ultimately invite you into a more visceral, present, and manifested experience of your daily life. Participants are invited to bring their own dreams along to the workshop, although this won't be necessary. 

Kezia Kamenetz is a dreamworker, facilitator, and healer based out of New Orleans, LA. She studied the Archetypal Dreamwork method for five years with Marc Bregman and has also studied with other dream masters. Her training also includes Reiki certification and breathwork. She has personally experienced the amazing healing capability of dreams and feels truly blessed to have the opportunity to open that door for others. Moving forward, she is always looking for ways to bridge her passions of deep inner healing, grounded community building, radical social justice causes, and making up jokes and games to play. And yes, she is always happy to hear your dream. You can learn more at her website,