Thursday, July 27th -- Saturn Return : Free/Live Webinar

with Sandra Sitron & Dana Balicki

FREE Webinar to tell you a bit about your Saturn Return & Sandy and Dana's upcoming Coaching Program "The Saturn Return Workshop: Your Cosmic Right of Passage" 

Moving through transformation can be challenging.

If you’re currently between the ages of 27-30, or 57-60 you may be doing some in-the-trenches foundational work with your planetary teacher-- Saturn.

It’s called your Saturn Return.

Change is imminent and confusion is possible, but the universe is calling on you to navigate from the centered wisdom of your own inner authority. The stakes are getting higher and you need to step up to the plate and say YES to yourself.

To show you exactly what the Saturn return is and how to navigate it with grace, ease and clarity, Astrologer Sandra Sitron has teamed up with transformational coach Dana Balicki, to make sure you’re right on-time for your cosmic rite of passage.

Join this Saturn Return Live Training Webinar to help you prime your mindset for ease and positive transformation during your special rite of passage.

You’ll discover pro tips like:

- What the heck this whole Saturn Return and the Saturn cycle is all about;

- How to understand and navigate your own personal astrology (aka how to work with the planets in a practical magic way);

- A simple multi-step process to bring awareness to, and clear, your deepest blocks;

- How to manifest real, long-lasting change in your life (hint: it’s about changing your mind, not your behaviors);

- Simple tools to keep your change alive, conscious and thriving no matter what!

Spots are limited in this special event, so you must register to join us. 7-8 PM.


We’ll send you all of the details once you register. And yes, there will be a limited-availability recording if you can't make it live (but you have to register to get access). Join us and uncover soul-deep wisdom that will super-charge your personal growth ! 

Sandra Sitron is an astrologer and artist living in Brooklyn, NY. She was introduced to astrology at a young age and it became part of the lens through which she viewed the world.

Around the time of her Saturn Return (a "life-restructuring" transit that occurs when one is in one's late twenties), she was struck by the relevance of the cycles of the planets to her own life and to the lives of those around her. At that time, she began building upon her strong foundation in psychological astrology through independent studies. She is currently expanding her studies in humanistic astrology with astrologer and author Noel Tyl. For her personal use, the practice of astrology has felt revelatory, allowing her to step in time with the cycles of her life and with her purpose.

Through synthesis of the symbols and archetypes of the natal chart, she provides information about an individual’s unique challenges, harmonies, and life purpose. By listening closely and holding space for her clients, she is able to support them in their personal journeys of healing and growth.

A born and raised Valley Girl with a keen eye for forging my own path, grooving to my own tune, and having big dreams for humanity, I’m blessed to be of service supporting countless amazing humans in living genuine, purposeful and unapologetic lives.

By genuine, I mean designing your life around the truth of who you really are. By unapologetic, I mean releasing the internalized stories about how you should be and instead live with liberation and pizazz. Yeah, I said it…pizazz.

Through my work as a coach (and previously as an activist and organizer), I support ever-evolving souls like you in finding clarity, courage and inside-out transformation in work, life, love and leadership. It’s the best.

Read more about Dana here.