Thursday, July 25th -- Black Girl Magik x Maha Rose Fundraiser

Thursday, July 25th -- Black Girl Magik x Maha Rose Fundraiser


with Brittany Josephina & Shydeia of Black Girl Magik

Let's gather in the name of the upcoming Leo New Moon and set collective intentions of amplifying our personal paths.

Join Black Girl Magik facilitators, Brittany Josephina and Shydeia for an evening of a crystal healing sound bath and a new moon intention ceremony.

In the spirit of the solar eclipse's deep transformative energy, we will gift participants with:

Sound Bath Meditation
Communal Discussion on Personal Power, Courage & Upgrade
New Moon Intention Ceremony
This rich solar eclipse/new moon energy is calling us to collectively ignite the power of courage, drive out the voice of fear and recenter our direction towards heartfelt goodness.

On this evening, we will use sound vibration to gently cleanse the mental, physical and emotional bodies. There will be a crystal altar present where all participants will be capable of charging special items with reiki-infused energy.

This is event is inclusive to all. Come as you are, hang loose and join us in surrendering to divine transformation.

Please bring a journal, pen and sacred item(s) to be energetically charged.

Exchange: $20