Thursday, July 24th -- Energy Evolution: Chakra Clearing & Energy Alignment

with Padma Gonzalez
In this workshop we will work with tools to help us shift energy and we will use tools and practical exercises to understand how to work with our emotions and our bodies through color, sound and creativity.

You will be able to identify which of your chakras are stronger or weaker. And you will be able to understand areas of life relationships, money, sex and health and how this energy flows throughout your life. You will learn techniques to cleanse and balance your energy to help you live a healthier, happier life.

Padma Gonzalez is a natural intuitive healer, and has been working in the healing arts for 17 years. She  works with groups and individual clients in New York and Mexico. Influenced by her own Mexican culture she has performed several marriage ceremonies and lead sweatlodge ceremonies in Oaxaca and Jalisco, Mexico. She is a Rose Healer which is a technique using fresh roses to heal, inspired by the Virgin of Guadalupe. She is a Reiki Master teaching all three levels since 2004. She studied Pleidian light work with Betty Aguirre in Mexico city for 7 years. She is also a painter and lifelong artist. In 2007 she met Amma and is currently living and volunteering in India where she works with different textiles and designs for Ammas Humanitarian organization. She spends her time between India, New York and Mexico.