Thursday, July 20th -- Intro to Foot Reflexology


with Ambujam Lakshmi

The Ultimate in Self-Love, Self-Care. Perfect for Mother's Day. Learn how to mother, nourish and love yourself, take care of your own aches and pains and relieve your stress while keeping yourself in optimum health.

Based on the scientific principle that every organ in the body is reflected in specific reflexes in the feet, Reflexology is a pressure-point massage done on the feet to provide healing to the whole body.

This acupressure treatment involves stimulating the 7500 nerve endings in the feet to provide stress-relief, pain relief and improve overall circulation. By stimulating the reflex areas on the feet, toxins and energy congestion in the corresponding areas of the body are released.

This results in an overall feeling of well-being which enables the body & mind to function more efficiently. Reflexology is safe and easy for everyone to practice. In this brief intro, you will learn the basics and then practice giving and receiving a relaxing Reflexology foot massage. A wonderful gift you can share with friends and family.

Some Benefits of Reflexology Include:

1. Relaxation & stress management

2. Relief of aches, pains & headaches

3. Aids circulation, digestion & elimination

4. Improves sleeping & eating patterns

5. Increases mental & physical well being

**Bring a Friend and practice on each other! Note, if you bring a friend the cost is still $75 per person**

Exchange : $75 

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Ambujam Lakshmi is a Certified Foot Reflexologist, Massage Therapist, Healer and Teacher with over 25 years experience. She has witnessed great healing results from Foot Reflexology, both in her own work, and from her students, often even in the first class. She is visiting us from India and also offering healing sessions at MahaRose. For more info, please visit Or watch