<Thursday, January 9th> Healing the Healer

Healing the Healer

with Lisa Levine
Thursday, January  9th

Exchange: $66


Hello Healers!

Most healers I know got to healing work through healing their own traumas. We begin to heal ourselves, we go deeper into healing ourselves and then we discover that we have these gifts also. That we are not only here to heal ourselves but we are here to help others to heal also.

As we grow and evolve as healers the most important work remains the same: doing our own healing and spiritual work. Us healers love to give but it is so important that we take time out to receive. Through breathwork, meditation and other exercises we will take this time out to heal the healer and to R E C E I V E .

This class is open to all levels of healers and healers who work in all parts of the Universe. You don't have to have a private practice to be a healer.


Lisa Levine MS LAc is a licensed acupuncturist, Reiki master, a natural healer and an artist as well as the founder of Maha Rose. The tools she uses are needles and moxa, touch, shiatsu, Reiki, guided visualization, the breath, laughter, and on very full moons- a song. She wants you to remember who you really are; letting go of everything that isn't serving you and connecting with your more radiant Self. She specializes in mental and emotional disorders as well as trauma and major life changes. She is available for acupuncture, reiki, bodywork and breathwork sessions as well as group breath work and laughter sessions.