<Thursday, January 2nd>  Beyond Goals: Developing Your Intuition for “2020 Visioning”

Beyond Goals: Developing Your Intuition for “2020 Visioning”

with Michael Carson
Thursday, January 2nd

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Would you be interested to learn about how you can go about your life with a greater sense of insight, clarity and ease? Developing your natural felt sense of intuition will allow you to do just that. Intuition is the ability to expand your perceptions and tune in to all of the information that is available to you, often in ways that you cannot predict or fully understand based on time and space.

Are you still curious? This interactive workshop is a dynamic blend of practical intuition techniques drawn from a variety of easy-to-use, evidence-based and powerful modalities. Topics and techniques in this workshop are drawn from self-hypnosis, energy psychology, mindfulness, meditation, mind-body connection, polyvagal theory, self-directed neuroplasticity, performance coaching, mental rehearsal, practical law of attraction, brainwave entrainment, negotiation, and attention practice, just to name a few. Still interested?

What if you could keep yourself in a state of peace, confidence and momentum, always knowing which direction to go and what next smallest step to take?

Join Michael for an evening of learning, community and fun developing and accessing your natural intuitive abilities. This workshop is great for beginners up to advanced students as it is taught at multiple levels and includes lots of new information and techniques.

Michael Carson is a certified hypnotherapist and coach. He is regarded for his gentle and insightful approach of blending diverse healing modalities to create powerful healing experiences for his individual clients and groups. He has been fortunate to study with a number of incredible teachers, including Melissa Tiers & Daniel Ryan at the Center for Integrative Hypnosis in New York City, Family Constellations & Inherited Family Trauma at the Family Constellations Institute in the San Francisco Bay Area with Mark Wolynn, Hypnotic Neuro-Linguistic Programming with John Overdurf, and Past Life Regression with world-renowned author, therapist and reincarnation researcher Carol Bowman in Philadelphia. Michael has been studying various modalities for years, constantly finding new and innovative ways to integrate tools such as Mindfulness, Meditation, Past Life Regression, North Node Astrology, Hypnosis, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Therapeutic Memory Reconsolidation, Polyvagal Theory, Performance Coaching, Mental Rehearsal, Practical Intuition, Inherited Family Trauma Healing, Reiki, and Family Constellations. In his practice Michael’s clients have been able to achieve what they previously thought was impossible or hadn’t even considered to be a possibility. His clients can be found mastering new skills, overcoming severe anxieties & fears, tapping into previously undiscovered creativity and insight, and healing relationships with the self and others. Additionally, Michael offers a unique and in-depth approach to Past Life Regression that helps his clients find greater perspective, healing and peace through his unique approach to past life regression. Michael is also a musician, composer, technologist and educator. Private sessions are currently available over the phone and online with Zoom.