Thursday, January 26th-- Sacred Vibrational Plant Medicine Journey

Thursday, January 26th-- Sacred Vibrational Plant Medicine Journey

with Ro Giuliano

Winter, the turning of the wheel…going ever inward, nestled under the blanket of earth and night, delving deep into the realm of betwixt and between, planting seeds of dreams and visions that will bloom with the return of the light

Winter is a time to turn inward, to dream, to vision, to set our intentions so they can be
nourished all winter long and come into being in the spring. Plants embody the magic of
all the elements; earth, air, fire, and water. They are strong healers. They can assist us
during meditative journeys, opening doors to our inner knowing, guiding us as we travel
between states of consciousness. Vibrational Plant Medicine captures the energetic
imprint of a particular plant, infusing the remedy with the spirit of that plant being.

In this Sacred Vibrational Plant Medicine Journey we will call upon these sacred
remedies, placing them on energy centers and points along the body’s meridians,
allowing the body to shift into a dream state, so that we can journey deep within

Join me, during the magical winter season, and experience the ancient wisdom of our
plant ancestors, guiding us, leading us to our dreams and visions, enriching our
connection to plant medicine, and ourselves.

In this journey, herbal teas, plant and stone essences, and smudging with various herbs,
will be used.

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Ro Giuliano
 is a licensed acupuncturist, herbalist and botanical remedy crafter.  In 2008, She completed a four-year Masters degree program at the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, in San Francisco, California.  Ro has studied both Chinese herbal medicine and Western herbalism, and focuses on the use of bio-regional plant medicine.