<Thursday, January 23rd 2020> The Child Within: A Healing Journey

The Child Within: A Healing Journey

with Jissel Ravelo
Thursday, January 23rd

Exchange: $45


Are there aspects of you that seem irrational, immature and not easily consoled?
Your “inner child” is a part of your psyche that stores your core wounding. It seeks love, protection, support and comfort under the layers of fear, anger and sadness.

Working with your "inner child" energy deepens the connection to the many facets of your personality and the complexity of your feelings. When you build a closer relationship with the child within, you can develop unconditional self-love.

Through Reiki, Meditative Journeying and Ritual, you will gain clarity and address these wounded parts to create a channel for deep healing. Feel free to bring a journal and a personal item that represents your inner child to add to our altar and charge with the healing energy of the experience.

Jissel Ravelo is a Master Healer, Educator and Founder of Vibra Wellness, a private practice assisting the transformation of individuals, groups and corporations since 2011. A notable voice in the field of mind, body and spirit healing, her down-to-earth and practical approach has earned her raving reviews. In the early 2000s, she healed from a long and painful battle with depression and anxiety with the very techniques she now teaches. She is trained and certified in various healing arts such as: Reiki, Holistic Counseling, Shamanism, Meditation, Energy Healing and others. For more information, visit www.vibrawellness.com