<Thursday, January 16th, 2020> Sh** Shifting: 1st Cord Cutting Ritual of the Decade

Sh** Shifting: 1st Cord Cutting Ritual of the Decade

with Miguelina of the Brujas of Brooklyn
Thursday, January 16th
Exchange: $44


On Thursday January 16th, 2020, join Miguelina (1/2 of the Brujas of Brooklyn), as she hosts SH** SHIFTING, her very 1st solo Cord Cutting Ritual.

Using the technology of Kundalini Yoga, Miguelina will create a safe container where you will be allowed to relax, drop into your bodies and begin to remove auric imprints from Toxic/Unhealthy past lovers. You will cut the energetic cords that may be haunting your life, and serving as a breeding ground for resentment and anger.

The goal is to gracefully Sh** Shift from a state of victimhood and blame, to one of feeling victorious and in control of your own life.

Come ready to offer forgiveness and mercy in a way that you may not have considered in the past; yet this medicine must 1st be offered to yourself!

Miguelina's hope is that after the 16th you will clear your Aura enough to begin to attract high-vibrating connections and relationships in this new decade.

This workshop is for Womyn only. Please try to wear all white/mostly white comfortable yoga clothing.


Dr. Miguelina Rodriguez is ½ of the Brujas of Brooklyn. She holds a Ph.D. in Public Policy from Rutgers University and she believes in practical magic: marrying her academic work with her Spiritual upbringing. Dr. Rodriguez thanks her Saturn’s Return for shaping her life as a Yoni priestess. Womb Wellness is her life’s work. Dr. Griselda Rodriguez-Solomon and Dr. Miguelina Rodriguez are the Brujas of Brooklyn; they are Afro-Dominican identical twins, raised in Brooklyn, New York. They are healing generational traumas of gendered racism, which women of color often hold in our wombs, or Yonis- their craft is therefore dedicated to what they call Woke Womb Work. The work that they do is inspired by the 7th generation principle among indigenous peoples across the Americas: the healing that takes place today will help to heal 7 generations before us and 7 generations after us. This is their wish.