Thursday, January 12th : Astrology & Hypnosis for Capricorn

Thursday, January 12th : Astrology & Hypnosis for Capricorn


with Sandra Sitron


Standing firmly on the ground. From the security of that stable base, expanding to your supreme potential.

It’s time to live full on, dear Capricorn. It’s time to be in your power.

As a Capricorn, your soul’s purpose has to do with…




You are here to show the world it’s how it’s done. 

That can feel like a lot of pressure. It can feel lonely sometimes. You’ve got a tall mountain to climb. Bring your Capricorn spirit into the supportive circle of like-minds. Using the tool of hypnosis, let’s add some ease, some grace, some flow to the process.

Your light shines bright from within. You’re sharing a message that states: We can go all the way to the top. We can be our best selves. We can build something that will help a lot of people. 

You've got all of the tools and the gifts you need already in your toolbox. This workshop will help guide your journey to the top of the mountain.

During this workshop we explore Capricorn themes through lecture and discussion. Then through the experience of group hypnosis, we bring the Capricorn magic inward— directly into our subconscious minds. This shift helps you create the positive changes in your life that you want to make now.

We are calling in everything Capricorn—

Creating structure, living in integrity, being an authority, making plans, taking responsibility, learning to be vulnerable, being resourceful, dependable and abundant. 

This workshop is for anyone who feels called to explore the Capricorn theme. Maybe you are a Capricorn Sun, Capricorn Moon, Capricorn Rising, maybe your chart is ruled by Saturn or you have a loaded 10th house— if Capricorn themes feel relevant for you right now, please join us!

Pre-Register $45, Day of $50


Sandra Sitron is an astrologer, consulting hypnotist, and artist, living in Brooklyn, NY. She was introduced to astrology at a young age and it has become part of the lens through which she views the world. Her goal is to provide practical and intuitive support for her clients on their personal journeys of healing and growth. She writes a weekly horoscope for The Numinous and offers private astrology and hypnosis sessions.