Thursday, February 9th : Astrology & Hypnosis for Aquarius - CANCELLED-

Thursday, February 9th : Astrology & Hypnosis for Aquarius - CANCELLED-


with Sandra Sitron

Astrology & Hypnosis for Aquarius : Innovation, community, hope.

Every astrological sign has it’s high side and it’s shadow. We are learning how to live our sign to it’s fullest.

If Aquarius is one of the major themes in your life, it might be fun to ponder…

How do you want BE in your sign? How do you want to grow into your sign?

Aquarius is a wily one. The sign is an Air sign, yet the symbol is the “water bearer.” The planetary ruler is change-agent Uranus, yet the Aquarius modality is fixed. How do we make heads or tails of this zany sign? Well, let’s begin with the Aquarius motto: “I innovate.” 

Aquarius is always in motion. Headed toward the future, Aquarius is ready to change it up. Even rebel, if necessary. Yet, the pace is persistent. Innovation is what leads us toward a better world, society, and mindset.

Aquarius teaches— Innovate. Change. Grow. Aquarius energy helps us update our personal and collective operating systems. 

Aquarius teaches— Team-up. We work better together. Aquarius assists us in finding our tribe.

Aquarius teaches— Hope. With Uranus as it’s contemporary ruler and Saturn as it’s ancient ruler, Aquarius wants to create a structure of hope for the future. This practicality mixed with wild desire. In this workshop you will draft your wildest dreams for the future.

During this workshop we will explore Aquarius themes through lecture and discussion. We will make vision boards. Then through the experience of group hypnosis, we will bring the Aquarius magic inward— directly into our subconscious minds. This shift will help you create the positive changes in your life that you want to make now! 

We will be calling in all that is Aquarius— Living the life of your dreams, tribe, community, friendship, innovation, healthy rebellion, free-spirit, sharing ideas, vision, being comfortable with change, and hope for the future.

This workshop is for anyone who feels called to explore the Aquarius theme. Maybe you are a Aquarius Sun, Moon, or Rising, maybe your chart is ruled by Uranus or you have a loaded 11th house— if Aquarius themes feel relevant for you right now, please join us! 


Sandra Sitron is an astrologer, consulting hypnotist, and artist, living in Brooklyn, NY. She was introduced to astrology at a young age and it has become part of the lens through which she views the world. Her goal is to provide practical and intuitive support for her clients on their personal journeys of healing and growth. She writes a weekly horoscope for The Numinous and offers private astrology and hypnosis sessions.