<Thursday, February 27th 2020>  Between Birth & Death

Between Birth & Death

with Kenji Summers
Thursday, February 27th

Exchange: By Donation

In honor of Kobe Bryant whose meditation practice inspired Kenji to meditate, this class will be by donation and no-one will be turned away for lack of funds.


Are you feeling that you have recently been hit by the fragile nature of life and want to be reminded about how to get the most out of every 24 hours?

This conversation and meditation is for anyone looking to more gracefully accept beginnings and endings (new beginnings) along with better minding the "dash" in the middle. Come for a conversation on the -middle- and stay for a meditation to make your time here lighter.

If everyday you breathe in and breathe out then this workshop is for you; beginners and advanced meditators alike will benefit from this workshop.



Kenji Summers believes in peace. He meditates daily with a streak of over 777 days. The New York City native has built his career from humble days at UMass Amherst to being owner of marketing consultancy Future Current and founder of objects & garments brand Free Peace, both informed by his expertise in culture and impacted by his commitment to meditation.