<Thursday, February 27th 2020> Into the Light

Into the Light

A workshop for those working through relationships with addicts, codependent relationships and boundary issues

with Dana Balicki
Thursday, February 27th

Exchange: $44

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Learn (or remember) how to care for yourself when in relationship with someone struggling with addiction/substance use disorder.

In our time together you'll learn (or peel back even more layers on) the big WHY you're stuck in these relationship patterns, how to break the psychic chains, and vision what you really want for yourself and your relationships.You'll learn some key frameworks and tools you need to grow while truly supporting and centering your own mental// physical// emotional// spiritual well-being (guilt-free!), and you'll even have the clarity to put your insights into aligned action.

Maybe you feel like you've given too much, or are deathly afraid you haven't given nearly enough...or you're just feeling emptied out. Maybe you're just noticing that you've forgotten (or never really known) how to care for yourself. How to put yourself on your own priority list. And you're over the rhythm of making excuses for other's behavior, over-giving, pushing down your own feelings, keeping score, giving in/up, walking on eggshells, ignoring your own needs (or feeling guilty for having them).

It feels like a struggle because you're smart and aware and yet you can't figure out how to fix this.

Truth is, you can't. Not even if you're the best fixer.

But there's something you can do. And it's you.

Come get some support to break the chains of your most painful patterns by tending to your own truth. Let's release shame and hiding. Let's get the connection and support many of us need. Let's step into the light...shadows and all.

This is a working session so bring your journal and pen. Comfy clothes are always a plus!


Dana is a transformational coach, changemaker, modern mystic, and compassionate guide devoted to helping you remember and become who you really are, not just who you were taught to be. Through her work as a coach (and previously as an activist and organizer), she supports ever-evolving souls like you in finding clarity, courage and inside-out transformation in work, life, love, and leadership. She's not a certified addiction expert, but she has decades of experience and ancestral lineage of being in relationship with those struggling with addiction.