Thursday, February 22nd -- Meditation, Hypnosis, & Past Life Regression


with Daniel Ryan 

Meditation is like a glass of water; refreshing, simple, and in the moment. Hypnosis is like a swimming pool. We can go into the deep end, be submerged, or stay near the surface. And past life regression is like an ocean. It's seemingly infinite in scale and depth - filled with mystery and revelation. Each of these three experiences are vastly different, yet mechanically each one is strikingly similar. Often times they are compared and considered together, others they seem worlds apart. What are the similarities and differences between them? What impact does intention have on the experience? What effect does the environment have? 

Meditation, Hypnosis, and Past Life Regression is the name of Daniel Ryan’s first book which will be published in 2018. Daniel has been working with each of these modalities for the majority of his lifetime. A board certified Hypnotherapist and Regression Therapist, he maintains private practice at The Center for Integrative Hypnosis in Chelsea. He also co-hosted the regular monthly series, Mindfulness For Creatives, where he would regularly lead meditation. He spent 8 years studying and teaching at The NY School of Practical Philosophy. Daniel has maintained his training and practice for over a decade.

During this event, each modality will be experienced and explored. Beginning with meditation, moving through hypnosis, and ending with a past life regression - we’ll examine together precisely what separates and connects them, why they still remain so bewildering to so many, and how they offer unique benefits.

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Daniel has maintained full time practice in New York City since 2011. His offices are located at the Center for Integrative Hypnosis in Chelsea. He enjoys offering hypnotherapy, meditation and guided experiences to individuals and groups all over the world. He received his undergraduate degree (BFA) from Emerson College where his research focused on literature, philosophy and sociology. In 2011, after receiving his board certifications in hypnotherapy and regression therapy, he co-founded the Center for Integrative Healing in Chatham, NJ. Daniel studied and taught the practices of Vedic philosophy and meditation at the The School of Practical Philosophy in New York City from 2007 to 2014.  Daniel's father, Jeffrey Ryan, introduced him to his work when he was in his early teens. Mr. Ryan was first taught hypnosis by the U.S. Military in the late 1950s. He maintained private practice for over 30 years in Morristown, NJ, offering hypnotherapy and regression therapy. Jeffrey served for a time as President of the Association for Past-Life Research and Therapies. Daniel took over his father's work when he passed away in April, 2011. 

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