Thursday, August 8th -- Live in your Center

Thursday, August 8th -- Live in your Center

with Sandrine Marlier 


Feeling whole and loved is our responsibility. But how do we get there on our own when life seems to be throwing rocks of stress, confusion and overwhelm?

Perhaps the greatest gift we can give ourselves is to learn how to live in our center. Create a space so sacred inside that you always want to come home. When we welcome all the parts of us, holding space for ourselves, we feel whole. Wholeness is one of the gateways to experiencing lasting peace and happiness.

Our outer world reflects our inner world - how have you been feeling lately, sweet friends?
Are you wanting to open, soften, listen and center a little more?

If yes, come join Sandrine in this 2h workshop; let your breath guide you, work with it, work with your own energy supply to feel the core of your being and build resilience, go on a vision quest, dare to ask yourself extraordinary questions , learn how to hold space for yourself and send love to all the parts of you in a meta meditation and create your own mantra, all with the support of a loving environment.

And if all goes round and center, you’ll go home feeling a little more clear, calm, centered and confident - whole.

Exchange: $40

S I G N  U P  O N L I N E

Sandrine Marlier is a certified coach for transformation, meditation teacher and Reiki 1 practitioner. Self-empowerment and energy healing have been part of her recovery journey from a clogged artery at age 18. She believes that we all have the power to heal and transform our life to the deepest and most subtle levels. Sandrine brings Spiritual & Practical tools and wisdom to her coaching practice and workshops with the hope of helping others live their full potential. Following an international modeling career for the past 15 years, writing a book (Hello the Unknown!) and raising her 2-year little girl, here, in Greenpoint, have taught her to hold self-care at the center of her universe. For any inquiry, email her at