<Thursday, April 30th 2020> Self-Love 2.0: Beyond Bubble Baths and Positive Affirmations

Self-Love 2.0: Beyond Bubble Baths and Positive Affirmations

with Elizabeth Su
Thursday, April 30th

Exchange: $60


Do you beat yourself up even though you know you are "supposed" to practice self-compassion? Does your people-pleasing get in the way of saying no to projects, people, and activities that drain you? Are you terrified of disappointing others so wind up playing small?

This workshop is for people who are ready to take their self-love practice to the next level so they can truly stand in their power. It's one thing to love yourself enough to treat yourself to a massage or a well-deserved vacation. It's another thing entirely to love yourself enough to prioritize your own needs even when it disappoints others and to stop relying on external validation in order to feel happy.

There's a reason this kind of radical self-love is difficult to cultivate - it goes directly against what women have been told makes them a "good" person. That's why in order to stand up for ourselves and the life we want, we have to untangle the underlying belief systems and societal norms that are holding us back. Bubble baths and positive affirmations aren't going to cut it.

Here are the themes we will cover:

  • The science of self-love and self-acceptance
  • Boundaries, people-pleasing, and letting go of relationships
  • Intuition, empathy pitfalls, and learning to trust yourself
  • Shadow work, forgiveness myths, and dealing with uncomfy emotions like guilt, jealousy, and anger
  • Meditation and somatic exercises (+ a little dancing, of course!) to stay grounded and stand in your power

In a society that tells women to be nice and compliant and accommodating, self-love is an unpopular and rebellious act. I am here to guide you through the discomfort, remind you that you are worthy of whatever you desire, and arm you with tools, research, and strategies to help you stand in your power so you can create your own version of happiness.

Are you ready to reach your full potential? It starts with massive self-love.

Participants are encouraged to bring a journal and wear comfy clothes for dancing

Past workshop participants have shared:

- V. Kim, Artist and Workshop Facilitator: "Elizabeth Su always makes me do my work. I look at myself, embrace my shadows, and start making changes for myself instead of others. But she does so in such a safe, nurturing, and heartfelt way that I only see the monumental work I've done for myself afterwards, reflected in my growth and transformation. She's a real deal. A true modern day healer who gets it. The hustle. The struggle. The deep heart's desire for more. Working with Elizabeth is a real treat! Expect lots of laughs and lightness, but also embrace yourself for a huge shift. Elizabeth has the most approachable and fun presence & way of teaching that you won't even realize you've actually done a ton of self-work until you're done with the workshop."

- Alexis, Marketing Director: "This was a fabulous workshop, I highly recommend it! It was so helpful to take a step back and reassess my life, which we so rarely do, in the company of some amazing women who helped to provide a fresh perspective. I loved the framework of the seasons too to help me realise not everything has to be high energy and growth focused, and that there’s a big place for rest and consolidation. I only wish we had more time!! I would have loved to spend 4-5 hours on it to go deeper."

- Sarah Moley, Founder of Go See Sarah: "Elizabeth's zest and energy is inspiring. The journey she is able to take you on in the span of only two hours is incredibly transformative. I felt completely different upon leaving the workshop. I went home, excited to take what I'd learnt and apply it to my life. I continue to see the world through the new lens she gave us and to feel confident facing the different seasons of my life. She has taught me that my sensitivity is my strength--not my weakness! Whatever pressure you feel to spend your time doing something else will be alleviated by attending the workshop--and you'll be more prepared to take on your life after. Everything Elizabeth offers is so actionable, easy to digest, and honestly transformative."

- Lauren Galloway, Colorist: "Elizabeth was caring, insightful, and nurturing with knowledge! Her energy right away was one of welcome and comfort. Highly recommend her as a teacher, guide, human, and I believe In her power to help others find their worth! This workshop will make you dive deeper into your own potential."

- Caroline R., Teacher: "I was looking for time for change and motivation. I’m walking away with a need to motivate self, change of mindset, and self growth. Thank you so much for the lively and inspirational workshop!"


Elizabeth is the founder of Monday Vibes, the go-to inspirational newsletter for women, and a self-love evangelist on a mission to change the narrative of what women have been told about success and happiness. After achieving conventional versions of success like graduating Summa Cum Laude from Tufts University with a B.S. in Quantitative Economics and Community Health and reaching a six-figure salary at a hot Silicon Valley start-up where she could drink #allthekombuchaontap, she realized she was trying to win a game she didn’t even want to play. She struggled with an eating disorder, her anxiety was through the roof, she had exactly zero minutes for self-care, and was really f*cking tired of leaning in. She said goodbye to her decade-long career in corporate to pursue her master’s degree at Columbia University in Clinical Psychology with a concentration in Spirituality and Mind-Body practices where she studied burnout and perfectionism in corporate women and the science of happiness. She has since dedicated her career to empowering women, teaching about emotional and spiritual wellness, and changing the rules of the game. You can learn more about Elizabeth and sign up for the weekly Monday Vibes fun here: https://elizabeth-su.com/.