Thursday, April 23rd -- Women's Circle: Cultivating Creativity

with Helen Buron
As we begin to see the spring flowers emerging from the soil, we too can begin to cultivate our own garden of creativity.  In this circle, we'll be exploring the relationship between our creative centers: the second and fifth chakra.  
The sacral chakra is our center for physical creativity that also relates to money, relationships, food, passion and the throat chakra is our center for mental creativity in our expression, voice, service in the world.  Through guided meditation, reflection, sharing, releasing, and a creative ritual we'll honor these centers to get any stagnant or blocked energy from the winter months moving and flowing.  Picking the weeds and fertilizing our creativity garden for full blossoming and growth come summer time. 
Please bring with you a journal, pen, and yourself just as you are.
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Helen Buron is an intuitive empath who channels her sensitivity and compassion into her energy healing, health coaching, and art.  She believes that when we come home to our bodies, our inner guidance and self love inspire healing on all levels.  Her mission is to hold space and lovingly guide herself and others into a deep and vibrant relationship with the body, inner wisdom, and the Earth.  She writes about her adventures and her healing practice on her blog at