Thursday, April 13th -- Transcendent Waves Sound Healing

Thursday, April 13th -- Transcendent Waves Sound Healing


with Lavender Suarez 

Have you been interested in sound healing, but are not sure what to expect? Perhaps you're a sound healing aficionado, but want to try something different...

The "Transcendent Waves" workshop is a fabulous way to have a deep experience through multiple aspects of sound healing creating a fulfilling harmonious experience.

In "Transcendent Waves" participants will experience the phenomena of brainwave entrainment through programmed sounds known as "isochronic tones" utilized with relaxing music. Together, the sounds move in gradual waves, subtly shifting in frequency and volume as they help the mind become calm and centered.

While the waves of tones and music are playing Lavender will provide participants with a hands-on sound & energetic healing treatment. Singing bowls and tuning forks will be used on the body with Reiki energetic treatment through out focusing on major energetic centers and areas of concern.

Transcendent Waves creates a mélange of futuristic and traditional sound healing techniques for achieving altered states of relaxation and harmony in stressful modern times.

Lavender has spoken about brainwave entrainment at MoMA PS1 and was the recipient of a Wave Farm residency to further study isochronic tones' healing properties.

Some Important Notes:

-Please dress in comfortable clothing as there will be some gentle movement at the beginning of the workshop.

-Feel free to bring an eye pillow to assist in deeper relaxation.

-Be sure to arrive early for a quick consultation to address your goals for treatment with this workshop (relaxation, pain management, creative boost, etc).

-Be aware that sound baths often sell out and that wait list spots will start to be given from pre-registered no shows.

-If you are running late please call the front desk.

 $45 pre reg | $50 day of 

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Lavender Suarez is a Hudson Valley, NY based sound & energy healer. She manages a serene private practice located on more than 100 acres in Hillsdale, NY and often incorporates wellness with nature immersion. Lavender regularly facilitates sound & energy healing workshops and has been a featured speaker at MoMA PS1, Maha Rose, The Brooklyn Botanic Garden, EMPAC, RPI University and more. In Spring of 2016 she taught a ten week class for children about the scientific and artistic aspects of sound. Lavender is certified in Sound Healing by the Sound Healers Association, certified in Tibetan Usui Reiki, and a member of the Sound Healers Association (SHA). IG: lavenderhealer