Wedneday, August 19th -- The Temple of Love Intensive with Veronica Varlow

Wedneday, August 19th -- The Temple of Love Intensive with Veronica Varlow


with Veronica Varlow


This is what happens when the Sacred meets the Sensual.

In the sizzling Summer nights, I shall turn Maha Rose into a Temple of Love, as candles are lit, and hearts are set aflame.

I will bring you on a euphoric journey of the senses - anointing each one of you with oils, leaving incense at your feet as the divinities that you are, feeding you lush fruits of the summer, as we shape the story of YOU, the Divine, as we dive deeper into the lush pounding of our red red hearts.

I want you to uncover the mystical secrets of your own spirit that you are not even aware of….secrets that will spark your desire and interest in the wild gorgeous being that you are.

This is my specialty.

When I was born, my Grandma Helen from Czechoslovakia, held me in her arms and said that I was the Mirror.  

My gift is to see and reflect the best in you…

the things you may have missed….

The things that drive your fire, your spirit, your soul.

In the Temple of Love, I invite you to explore your deepest desires, journey through the wilds of your imaginative heart and catch a glimpse of the Divinity that lives in you.

I call for you.

I wait in the Temple for your arrival.

This class WILL sell out.  Please pre-register to claim your sacred seat in our Temple of Love.

Wednesday, August 19th 7:30-9:30pm
Wednesday, August 26th 7:30-9:30pm

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$75 per class

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Veronica Varlow charms audiences worldwide – in person, on the internet, and on television with her timeless performances and written words.  She has brought the most sophisticated audiences to their knees with her sultry singing, fire dancing, belly dancing and slow burn burlesque.  Her blog, Danger Diary, has a dedicated international following.   She is a Confidence and Sensuality Coach, who has appeared on The Tonight Show, Playboy, and MTV aired in 150 countries around the world. 


 The remarkable Veronica Varlow seizes life with both hands and bends it to her will. She expresses herself like nobody else you'll ever meet. Learn from her.”New York Times Best Selling Author, Neil Gaiman

A Modern Day Marlene Dietrich.”CBS News

 The Queen of Seduction.”New York Post

She’s hypnotizing, absolutely mesmerizing.” The Tonight Show 

Stunning and Seductive.” The Los Angeles Times

A siren so alluring you simply can’t resist her, even when you know you’re headed straight for hell (or jail).” The Gothamist