Saturday, February 7th -- The Heart Compass: Mapping Your Landscape of Love


with The Love Artist, Kathe Izzo

heart compass image by Daniel Frank 2015

We are continually presented with windows for love: intimate partners, prospective intimate partners, collaborators, best friends, strangers, family.  If we are sensitive and pay attention, we can feel the tug to close our hearts when we feel triggered or unsafe or we witness when others do the same.  How do we do our part at this essential time in history and keep our hearts open? How do we create the opportunity for the others in our lives? Are we addicted to the condition of an impatient, conditional heart and the drama that goes along with that? How do we make more space?

We will begin with a series of beautiful kundalini and yin/restorative heart openers to warm up, followed by instruction in soul gazing or trespasso ~ cultivating the "space in between," opening your heart while staring into the eyes of both strangers as well as partners/friends (couples are welcome, but not essential). 

There will be meditation combined with a writing exercise on the various layers of intimacy: how to interpret your own layers, how to recognize and intuit what layer is showing of another, how to call love into you (much like calling in a deer or a wild animal). 

We will finish by drawing a Heart Compass for ourselves, a mandala to take home and hold the focus of love.

Pre-register $25 | $30 at the door


Over the last fifteen years Kathe Izzo has become known as The Love Artist, falling in love with the world one person at a time as a commissioned art performance ~ for one hour, one day, one early morning or late evening, spontaneously and/or by appointment through her infamous international True Love Project. A mother of three daughters, a poet and essayist, she is in the process of finishing a two volume magical realism memoir on finding true love, intimacy, plant spirits, the art world, motherhood & matriarchal lineages. She continues to utilize the True Love Project as a platform for her teachings on creativity & relationships, as well as plant spirit medicine, ceremonial work & a variety of meditative practices. Visit her website at: