The Divine Mother Vibration: Sun Sand Sea and Silence • February 28th - March 4th 2020 *SOLD OUT*

The Divine Mother Vibration: Sun Sand Sea and Silence • February 28th - March 4th 2020 *SOLD OUT*

with LaVonne Natasha Caesar lovingly known as
Jaguar Womban

Exchange: $888


This five-day retreat will include three days of Silence by the Ocean in Mother Mexico.

The Divine Mother loves all. She is in all. She births and moves through all forms and things. Both sons and daughters, masculine and feminine are birthed of The Mother. No matter your form or size, gender, orientation:


Come away...and immerse your body in the blessings of sun, sand and sea...Allow the alchemy of water light and roots to heal you in a way that is simple organic...a remembering. Let The Mother arise from within. Quiet your mind and allow the truth to rise up from within you. Your own quiet remembrance.

Your experience is yours.

Taste the flavors of tropical paradise with traditional Mexican meals made with farm-to-table locally grown produce and prepared with love.

I encourage you to nap in the sunshine, I encourage you to wander... Invite you to put your cell phone in my Magic Box and not document anything. I invite you to just Be.

Enter into an experience of Timelessness.
Your day will follow an intuitive flow that is subject to change, surrender to the magic of Synchronicity that arises when we release our dependence on the clocks watches alarms that bind us to linear time. While our rhythms are subject to change, the structure of your day will follow this flow:

Divine Masculine Sunrise Sun Salutations
Welcome the day with the Divine Masculine Energy carried by the Sun. Allow the light of the Mexican sunshine to flow through your body mind and spirit, realigning your nervous system and activating your own inner light. We are here to allow the power of Mother Nature to do her own healing work. Start your day with the Sun. Enter into the rhythm of The Mother. 

The Silence of the Mother Morning Meditation
Begin each day entering into the frequency of the Mother with Jaguar through an experience of Inner realignment in silence. In our prayers we are asking the Divine to intercede for us, but in our Silent moments we can discover the answers that are already waiting within. Surrender to the secrets awaiting in the Silence.

Divine Mother Moonlight Circle
Close the day with bedtime lullabies and juju with Jaguar. This moonlit Circle of Light will lull you into a divine mother vibration that will allow you to fall asleep feeling held nourished and restored.

Punta Cometa Sacred Sunset Hike
Experience The Mother’s Beauty Way through the radiant colors of the setting sun at Punta Cometa: Mother Mexico’s natural vortex and observatory. A mini peninsula extending into the Pacific Ocean at the southern most point of Oaxaca state, Punta Cometa is a natural vortex that provides unrivaled views of a spectacular sunset and activates a unique inherent spiritual awakening that only the Mother Nature can provide.

Ritual for The Water | Yemoja Invocation
On the morning of the 3rd day of silence we will carry our prayers to the ocean with white rose petals at dawn and honor the Divine Mother as she expresses herself through the power of the Ocean. Please wear white.

You are invited to bring Gifts for the Goddess. 

Vibe: lavender, rose water, eucalyptus, jasmine, coconut oil, sandalwood, frankincense and myrrh.

Divine Mother Dance Party
On the evening of the 3rd day of Silence. We will welcome sound into our bodies by dancing wildly under the moon and the stars of mother Mexico. Viva La Madre! wear something that makes you feel gorgeous. Express yourself. You are the Mother and The Mother is You.

LaVonne Natasha Caesar aka @JaguarWombman is an author, artist, healer and Founding Visionary of The Light House Vibration. After being struck by a car while on foot, she had a Near Death Experience that left her in a coma with a diagnosis of Traumatic Brain Injury. This began her healing journey of relearning walking, talking, reading, writing and social skills. She was first shuffled through traditional western medicine and rehabilitation and after not attaining the healing she desired, sought out a path of her ancestral traditions. On her journey, she experienced a solo pilgrimage of spiritual and physical transformation and created The Light House Vibration to bring the power of these life-changing rituals to women.

Jaguar is a Yoga Alliance certified Hatha Yoga instructor, Kemetic (Ancient Egyptian) Yoga instructor, Thai Yoga bodywork practitioner, Reiki attuned Master Healer. She has a BA in French and MA in English (Creative Writing). Her calling and commitment are to the subtle power of women’s circles and the ancient ritual of wombsteaming in facilitating the healing and ascension of the Divine Feminine Energy force within the body of our shared Mother Earth and within the body of each wom(b)an.

In both her healing work and creative expression, she incorporates her study and practice of Shamanism, Sanskrit mantra, sound healing, breathwork, afro-Caribbean plant medicine, movement, and ceremony. She has been a featured teacher and healer at Spiritweavers Gathering 2018 and 2019 and works individually and in groups with women worldwide.