Teva Livne

Teva Livne

Teva Livne is an artist and Akashic Records reader based in NYC. The Akashic Records are a beautiful dimension consisting of clear information and healing, delivering cosmic love and upliftment to all souls who inquire. Teva offers Akashic Records readings, accessing wisdom from your Record guides to provide you with clarity, guidance, and insight. Teva received Akashic training with Christina Cross as well as Breathwork Healer training 1 certification with David Elliot, and certification in Reiki 2. Notes for your session:  The reading format is question and answer, please prepare multiple questions avoiding time related or yes/no questions. Questions like why, what, how...etc


55 min Akashic Records Reading - $170

Online: 55min Akashic Records Reading -- $170 

(note: if you select "online", this session will be conducted remotely via Zoom, from the comforts of your home)

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