Tarota Paris Launch & Workshop -- Saturday, October 25th

Choice and Change with the author of the TaRota Paris

5 - 6 pm FREE Introduction to the TaRota system

Join the author and artist of TaRota Paris, J.P. Thomas, for an evening of Choice
and Change. Beginning with a free introductory talk, you will discover a modern,
consciousness-based approach to making meaningful Choices in the present tense.

Over the past thirty years, JP has turned Tarot inside out and created a masterful system that will encourage you to lean forward into your Life and explore the probabilities within the neutral field of a TaRota session. At the hub of this system, the Arcana Wheel personalizes time by mapping your Birth Year and current Transit year on a thematic cycle of twenty-two years. By luck of the draw, several sample Wheel readings will be offered. This fluid reading style is sure to be of interest for the novice and will not disappoint the experienced practitioner.

6 - 8 pm See Your Self Session (first time in the US) | $20
SYS (See Your Self) is an insightful, and often hilarious, two-hour exercise in objectivity.
Here is a chance to work around your Mind’s predictable patterns, in order to make
better choices in Life. Your only requirement is to bring a pending question plus the
incentive to pursue it, and let the workshop take it from there. The details are better
left to the live experience. Suffice to say, SYS involves a series of fast-paced dialogs that create an altered state, somewhat like talking to a mirror and having it talk back!

Not only does the “mirror” talk, it also draws decisive cards on your behalf as if it
knows everything there is to know about your question. This is a great opportunity to experience the TaRota System as a vehicle of Choice and Change.

No previous Tarot experience is required to participate.

For more information and registration please email: info@inspiraeditions.com

J.P. Thomas, a true renaissance man, is an author, artist, designer, and musician.

The creator of Tarot de Paris (2002), and now TaRota Paris ® “The Art of Choice and Change” the product of over forty years of practical experience and thousands of individual sessions. He has an established a school in Japan where he has taught for  the last ten years. He now resides on Maui.