Tarot Reading Room--Sunday, November 23rd

with Carolyn Agis
Join us for our Tarot reading room, where we learn by doing. Bring your questions and if you like, your cards, to participate in readings led and taught by tarot teacher, Carolyn Agis. Each guest is invited to be a querent (asking the Tarot a question) and dive deeper into his/her own Tarot practice through group discussion. No experience with the Tarot is necessary--the reading room welcomes all levels! Our only request is that you be fully present for each other's readings, as so often our answers manifest in the questions of others.

$30 pre-register/ $35 day of
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  • Carolyn Agis is a creative consultant and guide that formally began Forward Fokus to provide focus for individuals and their projects. Based on the principle that creation is inspired by dreams, her role as a media maker and project developer is deeply connected to each individual's vision and remains committed to guiding one's intangible idea into physical reality. Her work with the Tarot has been an integral part of this process, specifically as a catalyst for growth and inspiration.  She is convinced that we can all learn the way forward for ourselves, and is committed to assisting anyone who seeks that way sincerely.