<Sundays. March 29th - April 19th>  ONLINE –– Intuition Discovery Series

ONLINE –– Intuition Discovery Series

with Michael Carson
Sundays, March 29th, April 5th, 12th and 19th
3pm-5pm EST

Exchange: $50 per workshop or $175 for the series




Consider what it might be like experiencing the present moment, with all that it has to offer and challenge, with greater ease, perspective and confidence while also feeling into the future?

This Intuition Development Series is a set of 4, 2-hour group experiences that include mindfulness, meditation, self-hypnosis, sharing, teachings, embodiment and distance healing all to help you find a greater sense of presence, perspective and peace during this challenging time and beyond.

Each workshop can be enjoyed separately or as a series as appropriate for intuitives at all levels, from newly interested students to advanced practitioners.

Teachings are drawn from spiritual traditions, energy psychology, neuroscience, mind-body psychology, polyvagal theory and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), brainwave entrainment, and more!

Developing Your Intuition (3/29)

We all experience intuition in a natural and embodied way, however each of you is unique in the exact flavor and experience of your transformation as an intuitive. This session, Developing Your Intuition, focuses on feeling into your natural, instinctual and embodied sense of intuition.

Embodying Intuition (4/5)

Intuition is in the body not the mind. In a way, the mind is like a 6th sense, not the CEO of your life. How would you be right now if you could learn how to feel your intuition in your body, not just during a guided group experience, but at any moment, day or night?

This session, Embodying Intuition, will focus on rapid and evidence-based techniques that will allow you to reduce stress, anxiety, and overwhelm so that your immune system, nervous system and whole brain can work together to connect you to intuition.

Releasing Inner & Outer Blocks (4/12)

What might it be like to experience life without the blocks that stop you in your tracks, inside and out? This workshop is all about you gaining control back from the habituated patterns that drive your behavior, behaviors that often contradict and disable your intuition.

Imagine learning exactly how to identify and eliminate habituated patterns, such as not using your voice, self-sabotage, and unconscious triggers to name a few? While these habituated patterns in the brain, as neural networks, and cells as energy stuck in the body can be cleared through simple practices, outer roadblocks must also be addressed.

Participants will learn simple practices, including reflective exercises in the form of mindfulness, writing and self-hypnosis to help identify, clear and move forward with leveraging intuition with greater freedom and peace in their lives.

Expanding & Trusting Your Intuition (4/19)

Studies, such as the Transcendental Meditation Peace Project, have shown how our minds and bodies tap into the energetic fields around us. Research from the Heart Math Institute tells us that we are connected to the frequency of the plant. Astronomy tells us that our planet is connected with and responds to the energies of the planets around us and the solar wind from all around including our sun.

This workshop focuses on practices that give you the tools to expand and contract your energy and intuition, gaining greater agency and sovereignty over what is moving in, out and around you. Participants will learn simple and rapid practices that can be used on their own or integrated to current practices that focus on whole brain, heart, gut and body coherence and alignment so information flows freely, takes less of your energy and works for you instead of causing you overwhelm or suffering.

Once you know how to feel your intuition, clear blocks, and find coherence with yourself and the world around you, you expand out, integrate and trust.

What might it give you to have a life where the day-to-day and the cosmic forces of your soul are working together automatically where you also have the knowledge and tools to maintain that in your life?

Join Michael for this experiential, unique and powerful series!

Michael is an Intuition Teacher, Transformational Coach and Certified Hypnotherapist. Michael offers a complimentary consultation to those interested in intuition, coaching or hypnotherapy. Visit www.michaelcarson.net to Contact Michael, Click “Subscribe” to sign up for his Monthly Newsletter (Free Workshops, Meditations and Instructional Videos) and enjoy a guided Mindfulness Intuition Practice.