Sundays in October -- TAROT 101: Majors, Minors, & More!

11am -1pm 

with Anna Toonk & Kara Kinsey 

(October 1st, 8th, 22nd, & 29th)

*Sign up for the full series or drop in to each class! See details below* 
A four week Tarot intensive covering all the Tarot basics to help you go from pulling daily but still reading the book, to whipping out your cards wherever you are feeling confident to read for yourself or anyone else. We'll create a safe environment for participants to immerse themselves in their Tarot journey. We'll facilitate deep connection to the energies of the cards to help you go from memorization to relationship, decrease any self doubt and remove any intuition blocks in this four week journey.

10/01 Week One: The Majors

Week one we will discuss the Majors in depth covering their meanings, energies and the symbolism contained in the cards.

10/08 Week Two: Numbers, Elements & The Minors

Week two we'll discuss the significance of numbers in Tarot, how the elements can help you connect to the cards and the Minor Arcana.

10/22 Week Three: The Court Cards

Week three...the ever controversial Court Cards, how to interpret the court cards, their symbolism, and how they influence the cards that surround them in a spread.

10/29 Week Four: Spreads, Reading Styles, & How to Create a Narrative

Week Four now armed with a deeper knowledge of the cards, we'll get into the nitty gritty of how to create spreads, different reading styles to help you find your best style and techniques to trust your intuition to build a narrative with the cards.

 Participants will walk away with a deeper knowledge of the Tarot, an arsenal of techniques and tools up their sleeve to feel really confident in becoming the best reader they can be.

Please bring a notebook, and tarot deck. 

Exchange: $45 drop-in | $160 full 4-week series

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Anna is a psychic intuitive reader who often uses cards, is a seeress, and knower. She reads tarot, offers reiki, and intuitively channels guidance and delivers this in a loving but grounded manner. When she is not reading she loves to teach workshops making mystical practices available to everyone. She thrives on helping people get where they want to go in their life, and empowering them to make their most authentic decisions. She not only loves this work but has extensive training in it. She completed a one on one 12 week Soul Mastery Intensive Training with the wildly talented Lindsay Mack. Attended Delphi University of Spiritual Studies, completing their In-Depth Channeling program, and is a Usui Reiki Master. Her gifts include clairvoyance, clairsentience, and mediumship and her passions are to make ancient practices more accessible to people, and explore how they can be used in our modern lives. 


Kara is an intuitive healer, Tarot reader, and creator and facilitator of feminine rituals. She got her start on this path while growing up in the magical wilds of New Hampshire. With nature as her guiding force, Kara was able to tune in deeply to the spirits around her, creating a life filled with a curiosity for all matters mystical. She has since traveled the world, and through these experiences she has honed her skills as a healer, reader, and teacher. She is a graduate of the Brooklyn Fools Tarot Journey under the dual-mentorship of the divine and powerful Lindsay Mack and Jeff Hinshaw. Kara was also an active member of Moon Church, transforming her learnings under Lyndsey Harrington into her own successful series of private and public New Moon and Full Moon healing ceremonies. Kara is fully committed to finding the magic in every moment and brings a buoyant joy to all of her practices.