Sundays, Feb- March -- Sound School

6 Classes 


February 12th- March 19th

with Katie Down and Jessica Caplan 

Led by licensed creative arts therapist and sound therapist, Katie Down, and sound practitioner / yoga instructor, Jessica Caplan, this 18-hour training takes place over the course of 6 weeks on consecutive Sundays, giving participants a thorough introduction to the therapeutic and shamanic use of sound. Weaving together theory with hands-on experiential learning, this course will open students to an exploration of their own voice and instrument of choice for healing and transformation.

Students will gain tools and inspiration to create their own personal sound practice with ethics guidelines for using sound in a variety of healing modalities. We will explore the history, science and cultural relevance of sound in healing traditions and expand our capacity for deep listening in meditation and clinical applications. Students will also have the opportunity to use traditional sound healing instruments such as Himalayan singing bowls, Biosonic tuning forks, shruti boxes, drums, rattles, gongs, as well instruments less attributed to sound healing.

Maha Rose Sound School is open to anyone interested in expanding their connection and understanding of sound as a tool for healing - not only for clients, but for creating our own personal sound practice as teachers, bodyworkers, yoga instructors, musicians, therapists, and anyone curious about the power of sound and deep listening in our daily lives.

No musical proficiency required.

There will also be an optional weekend retreat at the end of the training offered in the Spring at Maha Rose North for those looking to further deepen their sound practice.


Exchange: $750 for 6 weeks (18 hours) 
*Payment plans also available, upon request, please call us at the Studio for further information* 

 Katie Down, MT-BC, LCAT,  is a licensed creative arts therapist, sound therapist, certified Reiki practitioner and professional composer/performer.  She runs the Sound Well Center, a private practice with offices in Manhattan and Brooklyn, offering integrative psychotherapy, music therapy and sound with Reiki to individuals and groups as well as clinical supervision, sound baths and meditation workshops. Katie has taught Music and Mindfulness in Clinical Applications at The Sound Health Collective and Spiegel Academy, and Deep Listening workshops as a guest lecturer at NYU, The New School, The School of Visual Arts, Cal State Fullerton, The Jewish Theological Seminary, The Open Center, The Expressive Arts Therapy Summit, The International Conference on Deep Listening,  and at grand rounds presentations for local NY hospitals.  She received her master's degree in Music Psychotherapy at New York University with additional trauma training at the Institute for Contemporary Psychotherapy and with Laurel Parnell in EMDR.  

Katie has worked and continues to work internationally in the Balkans, South Africa, and Ecuador, offering workshops in improvisation, song writing and ukulele including a program in South Africa with The ICRD Group Foundation called "Ukes and Kids" in which kids wrote and recorded their own songs on ukulele.  She is a regular practitioner at Maha Rose Center for Healing at at MNDFL offering sound bath meditations and the contemplative art of deep listening. For more information go to

Jessica Caplan is a certified sound therapy practitioner, vocalist and yoga teacher. She creates heart-centered meditative sound experiences, workshops, retreats and trainings that weave her passion for music and movement as medicine with our innate capacity and desire to heal.

A yoga teacher since 2006, and a singer all her life, Jessica’s love of both music and the healing arts began to organically merge several years ago. She completed sound therapy practitioner training at the Open Center’s Sound and Music Institute, and has since guided soundbaths, crafted meditative soundscapes for yoga classes and events, and led workshops, retreats and trainings in sound healing. Jessica is particularly passionate about providing students an integrative, loving approach to connecting with the voice, and through that, with oneself. She is a Reiki practitioner and Restorative yoga teacher, and continues her studies of yoga, sound healing, Native traditions, shamanic practices, and classical Indian music with dear teachers.  Jessica is also the co-creatrix of SoundMind (, an audio meditation series combining meditation with therapeutic sound, released in the fall of 2016.