Sunday, September 3rd -- From Loss to Resilience


with Annie Robinson 

Loss is a part of life that we all face, in many forms: relationships end; loved ones die; we move homes, change jobs, and shift identities. When loss threatens our sense of safety, we often experience anger, fear, and/or sadness.

How can we navigate life's inescapable transitions, tend to our grief, and restore our center? 

Resilience enables us to move through loss with self-awareness, courage, and grace. Blessedly, we are all born with the resilience we need to get through everything that comes our way. In the wake of loss, we not only can draw on our innate resilience to cope--we also have a unique opportunity to nurture and expand it.

In this workshop, through somatic practices, meditations, discussion, ritual, and narrative medicine, you will explore personal experiences of loss and leave with your innate resilience awakened!

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**Image by Jen Garrido 
Annie Robinson is a wellness coach, doula, narrative medicine teacher, and resilience researcher in New York City. She holds a Master's degree in Narrative Medicine, is a certified yoga and meditation teacher, and has been facilitating workshops for over a decade. Annie is dedicated to guiding people in explorations of their innate capacity to heal, awaken, and flourish. Her areas of expertise include conscious eating, reproductive health, somatic healing, narrative practice, self-care, grief, listening, empathy, and resilience. Learn more about Annie here: