Sunday, October 1st -- Loving What Is : Awakening Your Wise Heart


with Annie Robinson 

Every day the Universe throws obstacles our way, forcing us to grow and learn and rise above. How can we navigate the challenges life presents with as much grace as possible? How can we minimize the suffering? Face the challenges? Embrace the growth?

The answer: through wisdom and love.

In this workshop, we will to explore our relationship with wisdom and love through guided meditations, group discussions, and narrative medicine. We will delve deeper into these two most essential elements for inner peace.

You will leave deeply connected to your precious inner resources, equipped with techniques for cultivating your wise heart in daily life. 

Join me at Maha Rose for a fall afternoon of love & magic as we awaken our hearts and learn to love whatever it is that's coming up. 

Exchange: $35 

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Annie Robinson is a wellness coach, doula, narrative medicine teacher, and resilience researcher in New York City. She holds a Master's degree in Narrative Medicine, is a certified yoga and meditation teacher, and has been facilitating workshops for over a decade. Annie is dedicated to guiding people in explorations of their innate capacity to heal, awaken, and flourish. Her areas of expertise include conscious eating, reproductive health, somatic healing, narrative practice, self-care, grief, listening, empathy, and resilience. Learn more about Annie here: