Sunday, November 4th -- Soundbath for Timelessness

from 7pm-9pm

with Melody Balczon and Jarrod Byrne Mayer

Time is border. It gives definition to our existence and is the fifth dimension. It doesn’t actually “exist” but is perceived to be. It is an imperceptible boundary that confines the physical existence into a series of cycles. For time is nothing more than matter in correlation with other matter. Sound baths have the ability to allow the meditator to disassociate with time and then ones perception is shifted to a higher state of consciousness where time doesn’t exist.

This sound bath will distort, and then reconstruct, ones perception of time. Once we experience true timelessness, only then will we live without the stress it brings into our lives. Its constraints upon our being will lessen. The stress of being “on time” will reduce and you will have control of time rather than it controlling you. This sound bath is a reminder to always stop and smell the roses…you have the time.

Exchange: $40



Jarrod Byrne Mayer and Melody Balczon are the duo behind Brooklyn Healing Arts, specializing in modern-archaic healing modalities. Their experiences and teachings impart a practical application of these technologies so they can be fully integrated within daily life. Jarrod is a certified sonotherapist, author and sound philosopher. Melody is a Reiki II practitioner, prenatal yoga teacher and postpartum doula. Both are Kundalini yoga instructors and incorporate this technology in their practice. The two have been married for 10 years and reside in Greenpoint with their two cats.